Definition of eau de toilette in English:

eau de toilette


  • A dilute form of perfume; toilet water.

    • ‘Despite the waning numbers of scent spritzers, there are plenty of guys and girls who won't leave home before dabbing a bit of eau de toilette in all the right spots.’
    • ‘Finish with a few spritzes of eau de toilette and a dab or two of perfume for long-lasting impact.’
    • ‘The firm uses the lavender to produce a range of products such as body cream, bath foam, shower gel, bath crystals, eau de toilette and candles.’
    • ‘In an ideal world, says Carol, men would use aftershave as well as eau de toilette, which is sprayed on the body in the way women wear perfume.’
    • ‘His fragrances are done in perfume, perfumed oil, eau de toilette, splash, and body products.’
    • ‘A successful perfume, aftershave or eau de toilette can work wonders for a fashion label's balance sheet, not to mention its international profile.’
    • ‘Certainly in France it was thought better to rub the body with the highly scented alcohol-based fragrances that were the forerunners of modern eaux de toilette, scented powders, and perfumes.’
    • ‘Have a pair of cool sunglasses handy in case it heats up, and substitute your usual Jo Malone eau de toilette with the pungent aroma of midge repellent - whatever the weather, they will be guests at the shooting party.’
    • ‘Many historic buildings in Moscow have become giant billboards advertising the latest eau de toilette.’
    • ‘Smartly dressed and smelling of expensive eau de toilette, there didn't seem to be an axe concealed underneath his jacket.’
    • ‘The vedette has partnered with cosmetics giant Coty in coming out with a collection of eau de toilette, body lotion and shower gel.’
    • ‘The colourful packaging, all purples and pinks, should appeal to your magpie tendencies, while the actual products - eau de toilette, bath crystals and more - will not disappoint.’
    • ‘Even in the corridors of lower league clubs where the smell of Deep Heat is stronger than any eau de toilette, footballers can be seen sporting Louis Vuitton wash bags.’
    • ‘To his left, more remembered than seen, a long still mound of bed clothes smelling of eau de toilette marked his wife.’
    • ‘For example, according to the table, eau de toilette is made with essential oil comprising 10 percent of the entire solution.’
    • ‘Men 18 to 24 are 43 percent more likely to use cologne than all men, whereas men older than 65 are 53 percent less likely to dab a little eau de toilette behind their ears.’
    • ‘This holiday season, as men tear open their holiday cologne gift sets or bottles of eau de toilette, I'd like to offer some words of wisdom.’
    • ‘This alcohol-free eau de toilette is made entirely of natural ingredients, making it perfect for the most sensitive skins.’
    • ‘Dabbing a little eau de toilette behind the ear is more of a girl thing - 76 percent do so, compared with 58 percent of men.’
    • ‘The range includes body wash and deodorant in addition to eau de toilette.’
    perfume, fragrance, toilet water, lavender water, cologne
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Early 20th century: French, ‘toilet water’.


eau de toilette

/ˌō də twäˈlet/