Definition of eat one's heart out in English:

eat one's heart out


  • 1Suffer from excessive longing for someone or something unattainable.

    • ‘How long will you eat your heart out here in tears and torment?’
    • ‘I've been eating my heart out for the last three weeks because he lost the San Diego.’
    • ‘Jamie is eating his heart out for Amanda, the fashion-model wife who ditched him, and whom he still keeps pursuing until he warms to a blind date, Vicky, a philosophy student with whom he may start afresh.’
    • ‘I made sure I looked amazing (he dumped me and broke my heart) so he should eat his heart out.’
    • ‘Let him eat his heart out for what he'd rejected.’
    • ‘And now that I have my man back, she can eat her heart out.’
    • ‘Since he left, she's been sitting at home eating her heart out.’
    • ‘Along comes Martha as a Texas heiress affianced to a prince but eating her heart out over a bus-driver back home.’
    • ‘Choreography like that would have had Diaghilev eating his heart out.’
    • ‘He quickly shut his mouth before opening it again to speak, ‘Can I say that you look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and that there's not a single guy there tonight who won't be eating his heart out?’’
    pine, long, ache, brood, mope, fret, sigh, sorrow, suffer, bleed, yearn, agonize, weep and wail, regret someone's absence, regret someone's loss
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    1. 1.1informal in imperative Used to encourage feelings of jealousy or regret.
      ‘eat your heart out, I'm having a ball!’
      • ‘Mary Shelley eat your heart out, here we have a fear of giving birth to monsters in all its glory.’
      • ‘The PM's car has a steel plate underside, panic buttons, an exploding windscreen, loudspeakers and even gun ports: 007, eat your heart out.’
      • ‘But April raised her arms high before her - Superman, eat your heart out, she thought - and flew - flew!’
      • ‘There are also a few anthemic numbers thrown in for good measure, such as ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Good Woman’ (Destiny's Child eat your heart out!).’
      • ‘Performing home-grown songs laced with a healthy mix of rock standards - including a simply sublime version of Pink Cadillac - eat your heart out, Springsteen - this band set the stage alight.’
      • ‘Tiger eat your heart out at this display of totally average golf.’
      • ‘Well, Hugh, we may have been snubbed by the Patriot, but eat your heart out: we're in the New York Post's gossip column, Page Six.’
      • ‘There is a surprise victor at Wimbledon, Maria Sharapova, who as well as taking the plate also wowed the crowds - Anna Kournikova eat your heart out.’
      • ‘Bridget Jones eat your heart out, Tracy has a diary that would make many grown men weep, not least because it involves a wedding in November.’
      • ‘‘Sherlock Homes, eat your heart out,’ he muttered, then made his way to the opening in the wall.’