Definition of eat humble pie in US English:

eat humble pie


  • Make a humble apology and accept humiliation.

    • ‘He swore to me that he had left it back in my shed, but had to eat humble pie when he discovered it was in his garage all the time.’
    • ‘I was going to make him eat humble pie on his own doorstep.’
    • ‘It was a risk I was prepared to take, although if it didn't work out I knew I might have to come back and eat humble pie.’
    • ‘The paper decides to eat humble pie, giving it a front page story and an apology, which seems to be 15 years too late.’
    • ‘Derek ate humble pie and he was very proud of me.’
    • ‘If I could paint a picture it would be of me eating humble pie.’
    • ‘Now, seven years later, we're eating humble pie.’
    • ‘My advice to anyone who experiences difficulties with family is to swallow pride, eat humble pie if need be, but above all to go on best as can be as though nothing has happened.’
    • ‘This Board will not be eating humble pie as he suggested.’
    • ‘And those predicting total economic mayhem may still be forced to eat humble pie by this time next year if economic growth starts to pick up.’
    back down, admit defeat, concede defeat, surrender, capitulate, yield, give in, give up, give way, cave in, submit
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