Definition of easy money in English:

easy money


  • 1Money obtained by dubious means or for little work.

    • ‘Today, many medical professionals market sex determination facilities for easy money; others do so to spread family planning, thinking of it as performing a social service.’
    • ‘Indeed, increasingly over the last decade, the big torrents of easy money flow into Republican hands.’
    • ‘We understand you need the money, but only having eyes on the short-term, easy money is not very strategic.’
    • ‘‘I guess you could say it's easy money,’ he says.’
    • ‘It was easy money but now many of them have been caught out and they end up on the streets.’
    • ‘It came out to thirteen pages, and at $10 a page it was more than the going rate, and easy money for the boys.’
    • ‘It is obvious that small post offices are becoming targets of criminal gangs, who see such family run facilities as a soft target for easy money.’
    • ‘The study also found universities were offering quickie degrees to school administrators to make easy money.’
    • ‘While some in the cities have washed their hands in the proverbial "running waters" of easy money, there simply isn't enough to go around in the one billion plus country.’
    • ‘Believe me, there is no such thing as easy money.’
    • ‘This only shows that doctors are generally after easy money.’
    • ‘Maybe he thought he'd like some easy money like the tips his friends the airport and hotel staff get?’
    • ‘For poor countries golf resorts can provide a lure to draw easy money from wealthy tourists.’
    • ‘The easy money evaporated and many migrants moved on.’
    • ‘Like mushrooms after a spring rain, signs pop up at this time of year in hardscrabble urban neighborhoods across the country, promising quick and easy money.’
    • ‘‘It's not easy money, it's quick money,’ says Doreen.’
    • ‘It may look like easy money, but renting out is not all plain sailing.’
    • ‘However, instant lotteries, wayside roulettes and raffles continue to lure citizens looking for quick and easy money.’
    • ‘They are enjoying unprecedented wealth, earning easy money from the lucrative gambling trade which now funds their previously impoverished communities.’
    • ‘The parents are anxious not to lose this avenue for easy money.’
    1. 1.1 Money available at relatively low interest.
      • ‘With easy money allowing home prices to rise, fraud has become a way of life in the mortgage market because every participant makes a commission or a fee if the mortgage closes.’
      • ‘Such is the pervasive belief here, so skewed are market risk perceptions, that even the world's leading bond market vigilantes eagerly lead the charge for easy money.’
      • ‘Political leaders, while bowing to the public's clamor for more credit, grew concerned over the monetary consequences of easy money.’
      • ‘After all, with Fed funds at 1%, how high can rates go before the next leveraged speculator comes to gather up the easy money?’
      • ‘Regarding the easily obtainable mortgages, you have to wonder if the lenders, in the end, will make out better by encouraging easy money knowing that if interest rates rise there will be a multitude of foreclosures.’
      • ‘While most countries embarked upon inflation and on a policy of easy money, the literary champions of inflationism were still spurned as ‘monetary cranks.’’
      • ‘That ultra easy money was not capable of transforming so many negative cash flow companies into viable businesses, we are not the least bit surprised.’
      • ‘The Fed knows that its previous policy of easy money has sown the seeds of increased inflation.’
      • ‘As we have stated repeatedly, additional easy money is not going to get us out of the mess.’
      • ‘The leverage players love easy money and have little direct concern for future inflation rates.’
      • ‘But it should be clear that easy money can only be the cure for tight money, not for any other causes depressing the economy.’
      • ‘It is a speculative rally that began from overpriced levels, fed by an abundance of cheap easy money and a lack of places for it to go.’
      • ‘Nowadays the market is inflated with a flood of cheap and easy money and exceptionally low interest rates in order to convince folks that an economic mend is on the horizon.’
      • ‘At the first sign of trouble, easy money is applied to remedy any downturn either in the markets or the economy.’
      • ‘All that easy money floating around (money supply has increased by more than five times since the early 80s) has to find its way somewhere.’
      • ‘Drunk on the cheap credit and easy money of the late 1990's, these past three years have proven tough, yet necessary.’
      • ‘Fourth, easy money from the Federal Reserve has lowered the cost of 1-to 3-year bank loans, which many small businesses depend on.’
      • ‘The Fed too could decide that the period of cheap easy money that has seen Americans enjoy the lowest interest rates since the Kennedy administration should be, at least temporarily, reversed.’
      • ‘You're seeing the inevitably high bankruptcy rates that occur after a period of very easy money.’
      • ‘Still, the availability of easy money can provide only an incomplete explanation of the great equity price run-up.’


easy money

/ˈēzē ˈmənē/