Definition of Easterner in US English:


(also easterner)


  • A native or inhabitant of the east, especially of the eastern US.

    • ‘North-western Europeans were the most modern, southerners and easterners more firmly rooted in the unchanging patterns of the past.’
    • ‘In 1880 the Southern Pacific Railroad opened the region to easy settlement by easterners.’
    • ‘I do not know how a modern ad agency would choose to create a visual image of the typical easterner, but the stereotype will not be holding a fly rod or wearing skis.’
    • ‘Both characters are urbane easterners who fit very well into the diverse, fast-paced lifestyle of New York.’
    • ‘As a result, a line can be drawn through the middle of Libya dividing Arabs into easterners and westerners, who differ in language, customs, and cuisine.’
    • ‘The values of easterners and westerners showed remarkable consistency through time.’
    • ‘This is hardly enough to wreck havoc on the job market, considering an estimated 0.2% of current EU residents are easterners already.’
    • ‘We know, though, that we will always be easterners in a midwestern culture that accepts outsiders but does not exactly embrace them.’
    • ‘Yucca is not as safe as an easterner might suspect.’
    • ‘About 300,000 easterners leave the region each year, most in search of jobs, while about 200,000 return.’
    • ‘The names of our province, our city and our streets are still European, but on the edge of the world, as we must seem to be to easterners, we do not live in history.’
    • ‘He was an easterner who traveled in the West and, through his illustrations, defined it for Americans and for the world.’
    • ‘Like many easterners who have never been west of the Hudson River, the trio does not realize that November 25 in Hawaii is November 26 in Japan.’
    • ‘Then gradually it assumed a specific regional identity in the West, developing a strong imaginative appeal to both easterners and westerners.’
    • ‘When they encountered opposition, they accused easterners of intruding into their local business.’
    • ‘Howe is an easterner and a city dweller, not a townsman.’
    • ‘I was reminded of what Rudyard Kipling once said: A westerner can be friendly without being intimate while an easterner tends to be intimate without being friendly.’
    • ‘Effete easterners were eager to pay in order to experience vicariously the hardships and dangers of the fearless frontiersmen.’
    • ‘Although definitely focused on the West, this volume would be of value even to those easterners who may never intend to visit the West in pursuit of its bird life.’
    • ‘The central time zone has an earlier rush hour than the East Coast, as central has to wake up earlier to deal with the easterners.’