Definition of Eastern time in US English:

Eastern time

  • The standard time in a zone including the eastern states of the US and parts of Canada.

    ('Eastern Daylight Time''EDT') Eastern time during daylight saving time, four hours behind GMT

    ('Eastern Standard Time''EST') standard time based on the mean solar time at the meridian 75° W, five hours behind GMT

    • ‘The match will now be decided by the final game to be played on Friday, starting at 3.30 pm Eastern Standard Time.’
    • ‘The assistance line will be staffed by human resources specialists Monday through Friday from 9: 00 AM- 5: 00 PM Eastern Standard Time.’
    • ‘Since the crew had not made any announcements that I had heard, South Bend also served as my notice to switch back to Eastern Standard Time.’
    • ‘Anyone can nominate their favorite weblogs from now until 10: 00 PM Eastern Standard Time on Monday, January 12.’
    • ‘Also trivially, time depends on the coordinate system when a change is made from Eastern Standard Time to Pacific Standard Time.’
    • ‘Since the clock struck midnight Eastern Standard Time, marking the official beginning of July 1 and the first day of free agency, agents and GMs have been on the phone with each other.’
    • ‘Switching from Daylight Saving Time to Eastern Standard Time every fall is a major contributor to afternoon winter darkness in Montreal.’
    • ‘At 1: 00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time on New Year's Day, Jupiter reaches opposition - the point in a planet's orbit at which Earth lies between it and the Sun.’
    • ‘President Kennedy died at 1: 00 P.M. Central Standard Time, two o'clock Eastern Standard Time.’
    • ‘After 2 a.m. Sunday, 77 counties will be on Eastern Standard Time, 5 counties will be on Eastern Daylight Time and 10 counties will be on Central Daylight Time.’
    • ‘The Moon is at first quarter on November 4 at 2: 27 A.M. Eastern Standard Time.’
    • ‘We were traveling for weeks, and my traveling partner and I were not only dehydrated, but completely unaware of the proceedings of Eastern Standard Time.’
    • ‘The countdown to disaster below is given in Eastern Standard Time, which runs five hours behind our own clocks.’
    • ‘Here's the schedule as it was from noon to midnight Eastern Standard Time, on Saturday, Nov. 13.’
    • ‘The countdown is given in Eastern Standard Time.’
    • ‘To convert Universal Time, we have to subtract four hours to get Daylight Savings Time or five hours to get Eastern Standard Time, for western Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘Then at 8: 55 PM Eastern Standard Time (in Indiana, same as Central Daylight Time), we set off a hotbox detector on our way into South Bend.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the storm hit early Sunday morning Eastern Daylight Time, and it was over quickly.’
    • ‘I will grant a stay until six o'clock Eastern Standard Time on Friday.’
    • ‘Operations at the range would be limited to 10.30 pm for daylight saving and 9pm for normal Eastern Standard Time, thereby limiting the ability to train pilots for night operations.’


Eastern time

/ˈistərn taɪm/