Definition of Easter egg in English:

Easter egg


  • 1A hard-boiled egg that is dyed and often decorated as part of the Easter celebration.

    • ‘As it turns out, there were two posters in 2001: one features Faberge's Imperial Renaissance Easter egg, the other a Russian quartz specimen.’
    • ‘Simultaneously, Faberge created the first Easter egg of the series that is his legacy to the world of fantastical objects.’
    • ‘The children at the nursery and pre-preparatory school were asked by a local house builder to draw an Easter egg and to include a house in the design.’
    • ‘While I was away, he kindly fed the dog but managed to completely overlook the Easter egg I had left in the fridge for him.’
    • ‘The rabbit represents fertility and the Easter egg in the olden days was a springtime symbol of rebirth.’
    • ‘Go Easter egg hunting and decorate your own Easter egg from 9am.’
    • ‘My four-year-old daughter barely looks up from painting an Easter egg and explains to her cousin, ‘They don't agree with the bosses of the countries.’’
    1. 1.1 An artificial egg, typically chocolate, given at Easter, especially to children.
      • ‘The chocolatier and confectioner spent long hours creating an enormous Easter egg, weighing in at 25 kgs of plain chocolate.’
      • ‘The primary school raised £800 in two hours by auctioning a giant Easter egg, donated by their local confectioners.’
      • ‘A giant Easter egg is the ideal treat for every chocoholic but getting your hands on one may not be an easy task.’
      • ‘I wiped the chocolate from his face, pried his little sticky fingers apart and took the Easter egg from him.’
      • ‘The garden centre we visited later that day was huge and had a pet section so we bought Edward a dog Easter egg (made from carob).’
      • ‘Jill raised the money by raffling off an huge Easter egg in her school.’
      • ‘As we wipe away the smudges of the last chocolate Easter egg, a pang of guilt associated with overindulgence might raise its head.’
      • ‘She was the lucky winner of the giant Easter egg in the local shop.’
      • ‘Earlier this month, the school took delivery of a 1m tall Easter egg, which provided enough chocolate for family sized portions.’
      • ‘Members are raffling off a giant Easter egg to raise funds to bring CCTV to the town.’
      • ‘Easter Bunny steam trains run on Sunday and Monday, for £3.50 for adults and £3 for children, and include an Easter egg.’
      • ‘A parent wouldn't have dreamed of presenting a child with felt pens instead of an Easter egg.’
      • ‘Every year the school has a competition and the prize is a giant Easter egg.’
      • ‘The Mayor and her children are all partial to a good tasting chocolate Easter egg.’
      • ‘There's a new kind of chocolate Easter egg on sale this year.’
  • 2An unexpected or undocumented feature in a piece of computer software or on a DVD, included as a joke or a bonus.

    • ‘The best thing about the game was finding the Easter egg.’
    • ‘Also captivating are the various Easter eggs spread throughout the disc.’
    • ‘Finally, there is a really funny Easter egg located in the upper right corner of the main menu.’
    • ‘We also get a widescreen theatrical trailer as well, and a couple of Easter eggs!’
    • ‘But the real growth area today is in DVD Easter eggs, with programmers packing movies with concealed outtakes or extra interviews.’
    • ‘In the "old days," that is, the 1990s, Easter eggs might include hidden games within games.’
    • ‘Easter eggs are easy to find by exploring the main menu using the remote (look for the lightning bolt to pop up under the main choices).’
    • ‘And scattered throughout the menus are some Easter eggs.’
    • ‘Adding an "Easter egg" style link to other New Yorker Video ads seems a poor reward for remote surfing.’
    • ‘Also on this page is an Easter egg - the trailer for Chicken Run that parodied the Gladiator trailers.’
    • ‘The disc also offers a trailer for HVE's entire line of Zatoichi DVD releases, housed as an easy-to-find Easter egg.’


Easter egg

/ˈistər ˈˌɛɡ/