Definition of easement in English:



  • 1Law
    A right to cross or otherwise use someone else's land for a specified purpose.

    • ‘‘That easement basically says that's what the property can be used for, as a golf course, and if it's not used as a course, it becomes natural terrain,’ Kahn said.’
    • ‘In addition, property owners commonly grant easements for the placement of utility poles, utility trenches, water lines or sewer lines.’
    • ‘The legislation would have allowed the government to proclaim easements over private land to ensure public access to the beach.’
    • ‘Developers overcome this problem by obtaining legally binding easements over the land in cases where they do not own it.’
    • ‘Licenses themselves are easements against the public's ownership of the airwaves and speech rights.’
    • ‘Is the Seller aware of any past or current disputes regarding boundaries, easements, covenants or other matters relating to the property or its use?’
    • ‘However, rights of way are part of a class of rights in land called easements.’
    • ‘The state retains easements that entitle the public to certain recreational uses.’
    • ‘The lands would all be serviced from Brampton through easements that would have to run through the Reinhart and Wilson lands.’
    • ‘He agreed to establish a population of this endangered cactus on his property, which already had a perpetual conservation easement.’
    • ‘By prescription one person may acquire rights such as easements and profits over the land of another.’
    • ‘Or if you have to drive on a private road to reach the property you are considering, make sure that you retain this permanent easement on the title.’
    • ‘Registration was suitable for equitable rights such as restrictive covenants and easements, which must continue to bind the land if they are to benefit those entitled to them.’
    • ‘The difficulties of the site - its geometry, its western orientation, an adjacent future road easement and its flood prone nature - were significant determinants in the ensuing design.’
    • ‘She was told that there were no easements on the property when there in fact were.’
    • ‘To prevail against later proprietors, easements must be registered.’
    • ‘The ultimate goal is to have all the sections on private land protected by easements sold to the CTA by landowners.’
    • ‘We have assumed that the property is not subject to any onerous restrictions, unusual outgoings, easements or rights of way and that it is not affected by any Local Authority proposal.’
    • ‘Extruded curbs were placed on both sides of the road for lateral confinement in the narrow road easement and for protection of the pavement surfacing during the occasional flooding of the canyon.’
    • ‘Public agencies and private conservation organizations are cooperating to purchase and manage land and conservation easements.’
  • 2literary The state or feeling of comfort or peace.

    ‘time brings easement’
    comfort, solace
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Late Middle English: from Old French aisement, from aisier (see ease).