Definition of earth mother in US English:

earth mother


  • 1A goddess symbolizing fertility and the source of life.

    • ‘In this shift, the living nurturing relationship of man with nature as earth mother was replaced by the idea of man as dominating over nature.’
    • ‘Well your own thoughts seem to have changed, despite this wonderful image that you've just drawn for us of connecting to the earth mother.’
    • ‘I ask all blessings, I ask them with reverence, of my earth mother, of the sky, moon and my sun father - the essence of life.’
    • ‘Polynesian beliefs refer to this time as Po, night, when the earth mother and sky father were joined, before their children separated them and the world was flooded by light.’
    • ‘She longs for the spiritual power of ancient cultures, with their rituals of blood sacrifice, mortification of the body, and celebration of the earth mother.’
    • ‘The sprouting corpse evokes the promised resurrection of the dying god/king by whose cyclic sacrifice to the earth mother the barren land is made fertile.’
    • ‘Once they leave Bolivia, some Bolivian Americans fail to adhere to indigenous rituals and beliefs, such as a belief in Pachamama, the Incan earth mother, and Ekeko, an ancient god.’
    • ‘The prevailing religious practices center around the Cult of the Virgin Mary and devotion to the Pachamama, the earth mother.’
    • ‘The mother and child is also a symbol of the procreative, regenerative power of the Goddess, the earth mother, the fecundity of primal matter and again darkness.’
    • ‘From the Greeks we inherit the concept of Gaea, or Gaia, the earth mother that gives rise to life in all its complexities.’
    • ‘Yes, when she discovers him he is surrounded by a mass of crystals and singing loopy New Age folk music, proclaiming the need to praise ‘the earth mother, father sun, and sister moon.’’
    1. 1.1 An archetypally nurturing and maternal woman.
      • ‘There is gentle humour here amid point-scoring office jealousies and a slow-ticking potential romance with single mum, earth mother and school teacher Wavey.’
      • ‘I get this idea with your two children now that you're turning into this great earth mother with this whole family.’
      • ‘Lisa, earth mother and singer, could have done it all herself, I'm convinced, but she gave us the gift of letting us feel welcome and needed at this miraculous event.’
      • ‘This is home to the wildly extended family of Roy and Bea, a bona fide earth mother.’
      • ‘‘Even though she wasn't imprisoned in the camps, as her parents were, she was a survivor, the strongest earth mother I have ever met, hard working and dignified,’ said Matt.’
      • ‘This is not an ideal picnic, I said loudly, or something to that effect, causing some barefoot earth mothers to look over.’
      • ‘At the same time, she conveys the spiritual warmth of an earth mother.’
      • ‘I had my children and four others clinging to my leg, my hair was wildly askew and my clothes were smeared with jam: every inch the harassed earth mother.’
      • ‘In recent years, she's taken on a new mantle, that of the soulful earth mother.’
      • ‘Here is the essence of the Texan singer-songwriter in her 50s; on her 15th studio album, she is both earth mother and political campaigner.’


earth mother

/ˈərTH ˈˌməT͟Hər//ˈərθ ˈˌməðər/