Definition of earful in US English:



  • 1A prolonged amount of talking, typically an angry reprimand.

    ‘he gave his players an earful at halftime’
    • ‘The company, already fighting with retirees in court over changes made to its pension plan in the 1990s, is now getting an earful from angry retirees about health-care costs.’
    • ‘There were the subsequent occasions I was unfortunate enough to cop an earful.’
    • ‘The commission got an earful of confused and angry voters on election day.’
    • ‘Eursoc warns us that the EU will employ telemarketers to get us to vote - I pity them for the earfuls they will get.’
    • ‘The Minister of Economic Affairs got an earful from angry business leaders from Taiwan's top technology park yesterday.’
    • ‘I have no doubt her guests were regaled with tales of the idiocy of the yard crew, a rehearsal I am sure for the earful Rick is going to get bright and early in the morning.’
    • ‘May I please have the writer's email address to give him an earful directly?’
    • ‘Getting a constant earful from your folks is a total bummer.’
    • ‘I have not heard one negative thing from anybody about this year's festival, where last year I had a real earful from local musicians.’
    • ‘Because I am an ‘outsider’, I often get an earful.’
    • ‘I heard an earful of that in the course of the campaign.’
    • ‘I felt a lecture coming, and I readied myself for an earful.’
    • ‘If you want to get an earful of vegan philosophy, just ask this author what she thinks of genetically engineered foods.’
    • ‘In my last Red Sox post I confidently predicted a World Series victory this year for Boston's team - and got an earful from myriad Sox fans convinced I was jinxing them.’
    • ‘You don't have to spend much time with citizens to get an earful - or maybe two ears full - of opinion about the state of ethics in American journalism.’
    • ‘The next day when I showed up for school, I got off the bus, got hauled into the principal's office, got an earful, and I got sent home with an angry letter to my mom.’
    • ‘Also, they're having to help cover the cost of the higher players' salaries, but they are still getting an earful from the fans.’
    • ‘These event organizers are going to get an earful about it.’
    • ‘House lawmakers now head back to their districts for holiday recess, where they will get an earful from their constituents.’
    • ‘He apparently got an earful at his townhall meeting in Fairfax today.’
    reprimand, rebuke, reproof, remonstrance, reproach, admonishment, stricture, lecture, criticism, recrimination, tirade, diatribe, philippic, harangue, attack
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    1. 1.1 A loud blast of a noise.
      ‘an earful of static’
      • ‘The 50s singer would then give the average American an earful.’
      • ‘This recently unearthed live recording features the first of that vaunted trio, offering a fascinating earful of the sound of hip London clubland in 1964.’
      • ‘Get an earful of what the latest in techno-gadgetry sounds like on 10,000 sq. ft floor space, hosting international and national brands.’