Definition of eager beaver in English:

eager beaver


  • A keen and enthusiastic person who works very hard.

    • ‘One eager beaver raised his hand and said, ‘The point is no matter how full your schedule is, if you try really hard, you can always fit some more things into it!’’
    • ‘Many of the bright young eager beavers start work with management consultants, investment banks, and dot-coms - any place except the major companies.’
    • ‘All some eager beaver has to do is prove to Bob's satisfaction that the earth does indeed move and he will pony up a thousand bucks.’
    • ‘I like to broaden my educational scope from time to time… you know me, always an eager beaver for learning!’
    • ‘The overcast and misty weather did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the eager beavers.’
    • ‘The students were buzzing and there was a long queue of eager beavers waiting for their turn.’
    • ‘They had an abundance of possession and the forwards worked like eager beavers.’
    • ‘He's a real eager beaver when it come to learning new things.’
    • ‘At the agencies I was able to contact, I found that a lot of eager beavers had already filled up the slots in most of them.’
    • ‘I was an eager beaver when I first took up golf and the bug is biting hard again.’
    worker, organizer, activist, man of action, achiever, high achiever, succeeder, hustler, entrepreneur
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eager beaver

/ˈˌēɡər ˈbēvər//ˈˌiɡər ˈbivər/