Definition of each and every in US English:

each and every


  • Every single (used for emphasis)

    ‘taking each and every opportunity’
    • ‘Nonetheless my thoughts and best wishes are with each and every athlete who will wear the British colours.’
    • ‘It is a rare opportunity for each and every individual member to say what he or she thinks.’
    • ‘Great credit goes to each and every one of the players and their management team.’
    • ‘With a complete script, each and every frame of the film is very clear in my mind.’
    • ‘We should enjoy each and every of these small things in our lives to the fullest.’
    • ‘They will need to know what their medical expenses are at each and every point during the year.’
    • ‘It is, however, a problem that each and every country has to tackle in a structural way.’
    • ‘The regular cash that came in, each and every month, enabled people to feed themselves and to pay the bills.’
    • ‘The certainty that each and every plan will be thwarted deflates any suspense the film may try to generate.’
    • ‘Thank you to each and every one of you who left a nice comment or sent me an email.’
    every, each and every, every single
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