Definition of e-edition in English:



  • A digital edition of a printed book, newspaper, or journal, which can be read on a computer or mobile device.

    ‘a free e-edition is also available via the website’
    • ‘E-editions of newspapers and magazines should throw some money Technorati's way, and come up with some simple RSS or HTML code to include at the bottom of every story or article.’
    • ‘They received an email announcing the arrival of their fresh, new e-edition rather than their standard old paper one.’
    • ‘The e-editions make excellent sense for readers who can't purchase hard copies of these newspapers on the day of publication and want the entire newspaper automatically dropped onto their computer.’
    • ‘If I were paying for an e-edition, I'd want an automated customizing feature.’
    • ‘"The e-edition is brimming with the energy and creativity that will extend the reach of our journalism to new and wider audiences."’
    • ‘According to a new study, users of so-called e-editions of print publications are shown to be more affluent, better educated and heavier users of the Internet than the average online user.’
    • ‘Here are some excerpts from the e-edition of the Tulsa World/Opinion on the issue of legalization.’
    • ‘An e-edition (by paid subscription) is also available online.’
    • ‘Soon, the government's platform on job vacancies and training programmes would see a makeover with the weekly Employment News published by the information and broadcasting ministry being made available in an e-edition, with a brand new logo, and also as SMS alerts.’
    • ‘Subscribers will also be given access to the e-edition.’
    • ‘So Berlingske does the only sensible thing: It offers its e-edition for free today.’
    • ‘E-editions preserve the information-rich typography of print by displaying replicas of the newsprint page.’
    • ‘To be fair, we should judge the New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times e-editions as interim media - or Version 1 software - that's destined to be improved or replaced.’
    • ‘This new app is a good thing because I believe it does enough right to finally get other news organizations moving towards producing e-editions of the daily news.’
    • ‘Choose among a variety of subscription packages and stay up to date with convenient home delivery and our on-the-go digital e-edition.’