Definition of dysphoric in US English:


adjective & noun

  • See dysphoria

    • ‘In addition to a general level of irritability, children with mania also present with extremely impairing dysphoric, explosive episodes that generally occur daily with little or no precipitant.’
    • ‘‘The implication for treatment is that if you ask dysphoric people to recall nice events from their lives it may not make them feel any better,’ Joormann notes.’
    • ‘Although the average depression lasts around six months, those with severe major depression or constant dysphoric depression may have symptoms that last for years.’
    • ‘They learn ways of working with low mood or dysphoric feelings that are different from the more automatic ways often ingrained in depressed people.’
    • ‘The data support the idea that depressed or dysphoric individuals exhibit differential response latencies to negative content than do individuals who are not depressed.’