Definition of dwarf lemur in US English:

dwarf lemur


  • A small Madagascan primate related to the mouse lemur, feeding primarily on fruit and gums.

    Family Cheirogaleidae: three genera and four species

    • ‘Coquerel's dwarf lemur and the fork-marked dwarf lemur are active year-round.’
    • ‘The fat-tail dwarf lemur gorges on fruit, flowers, and insects during a short rainy season between December and February.’
    • ‘For example, dwarf lemurs store up fat in their tails and then draw on it while hibernating; in contrast, no monkey or ape hibernates.’
    • ‘All lemurs eat plants, but mouse and dwarf lemurs also feed on insects.’
    • ‘This ancestor resembled a modern dwarf lemur, weighing 1 to 2 pounds, and led a nocturnal life in tropical forests, the scientists theorize.’