Definition of DVD-RW in US English:



  • 1A blank DVD that can be recorded, erased, and rerecorded with data many times and read using the DVD-RW format.

    • ‘If you ever plan to erase or record over the contents of a DVD, then you will need to purchase a DVD-RW.’
    • ‘The rate payable on DVD recordable discs, DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM, has also been cut, from 7.5 cents to 6.5 cents.’
    • ‘The DVD + RW and DVD-RW are both rewritable, just like the DVD-RAM.’
    • ‘It also writes DVD + RW discs at 8x and DVDR at 16x and DVD-RW at 6x.’
    • ‘There's a DVD-RW and 17-inch digital TFT screen, plus a PCMCIA and card reader.’
    • ‘This unit removes some confusion by catering for most DVD formats: it records and plays DVD-R, + R, RW and the impressive DVD-RW (VR mode), with which you can edit recordings.’
    • ‘The all-format USB 2.0 lets you create DVD + RWs, DVD-RWs, DVD-RAMs, CD-RWs more quickly and easily, so you can save and share data or multimedia files.’
    • ‘Their rewritable DVD-RW is supposed to be readable in DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players.’
    1. 1.1 A format for rewritable DVDs used by some companies.
      • ‘One reason is, although incompatible with most DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players, for data use, DVD-RAM still leads DVD-RW and DVD + RW as the safest, most reliable rewritable storage solution.’
      • ‘Although the drive does support DVD-RAM, the performance when writing to DVD-RAM media is noticeably poorer than with DVD + RW or DVD-RW.’
      • ‘The new plus-minus drives traverse the record-and-play formats of both DVD-RW and DVD + RW.’
      • ‘Rewritable DVD offers three format choices: DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, and DVD + RW.’
      • ‘Its format of choice is DVD + RW, which is able to read DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD + RW, but not DVD-RAM (it writes in DVD + RW format).’
      • ‘Their new drive writes DVD-R and DVD-RW, and it's attractively forward-priced, at just under $1,000.’
      • ‘The RD-X5 can also record to DVD-RAM at 5X, DVD-RW at 4X, and DVD-R at 8X.’
      • ‘The disc that was formerly called HD DVD-RW is largely founded on DVD-RAM, whereas the format that will now be known as HD DVD-RW is more basic and, we understand, more suitable for a dual-layer version.’
      • ‘Dual-layer DVD + R recording runs at 2.4x, compared to a single-layer write speed of 8x for DVD + R and DVD-R, and 4x for DVD + RW and DVD-RW.’
      • ‘The system will now not support playback of CD-R and DVD + RW discs, although it will continue to play back the other, official, rewriteable DVD format, DVD-RW.’
      • ‘The drive's stated burn speeds are DVD-R / DVD-RW: 2x, CD-R: 16x, CD-RW: 8x.’
      • ‘So far, it has supported DVD-R and DVD-RW for recording footage to disc, even though the unit's optical drive is capable of handling DVD + R and DVD + RW media.’
      • ‘Most mastering houses that will press consumer DVDs are set up to accept DVD-R media; some will accept DVD-RW as well.’
      • ‘But there is a serious conflict between the packet-writing features in it and its counterpart under development for DVD-RW.’
      • ‘Once you've recorded your movie onto DVD-R or DVD-RW, the Visual Index display on the LCD screen lets you jump to a particular scene, as you can with normal DVDs.’
      • ‘As Dual-RW drives, they can also handle DVD-R media with 8x and DVD-RW with 4x.’
      • ‘The roster includes DVD-R and DVD + R (plus R), along with DVD-RW, + RW and DVD-RAM.’
      • ‘The version of CPRM specified for DVD-R and DVD-RW is similar to that defined for DVD-RAM, differing only in the nomenclature, placement, and structure of a few data items.’
      • ‘They can stick with DVD-RAM, move to DVD-RW, or take a chance with DVD + RW.’
      • ‘Users can play CDs and DVDs, and recorded programming and audio content can be burned to DVD-R, DVD + RW or DVD-RW for archiving.’
    2. 1.2 A disc drive that can read and record DVDs.
      • ‘A US $1,600 model has a 2.66-gigahertz Pentium4 processor, one gigabyte of RAM, DVD-RW and DVD-ROM drives and a 120GHz hard drive.’
      • ‘You see, nobody can agree on the format - and the DVD-RAM system will be ranged against the DVD-RW and the DVD + RW, not all of which are compatible with today's hardware.’
      • ‘It will concentrate initially on the personal computer end of the storage arena with a range removable media drives, including the slimline combination DVD-RW and CD-RW aimed at the laptop market.’
      • ‘Their DVD-RW, which they plan to release in 2001, is a consumer product that's targeted as a VCR-replacement, and a companion product to those new HDD-based video recorders.’
      • ‘It supports a large variety of backup medias including Hard drives, Removable disks, USB drives, CDR, CDRW, DVD-R, DVD-RW and more.’
      • ‘Firewire and Wireless Lan are built in, as are a 40GB hard drive, Wireless Lan, Bluetooth and DVD-RW.’


Abbreviation of DVD rewritable (or random-access memory).