Definition of duty-bound in US English:



  • with infinitive Morally or legally obliged to do something.

    ‘legitimate news stories that the press is duty-bound to report’
    • ‘Given that scientists were very likely involved in a large portion of this research and duty-bound to publish, how did so much of this negative evidence drop from public view?’
    • ‘But state-sponsored terrorism is a greater evil, for it is waged by those who should know better, who are duty-bound to address causes not mere symptoms, who may claim to act in the people's name.’
    • ‘The directors are indeed duty-bound to bring to the table the wide diversity that exists among the membership in order to take a stand for the dreams of tomorrow's human condition.’
    • ‘In South Africa and in southern hemisphere domestic rugby in general, the defending team feels duty-bound to allow the ball to be recycled about 94 times before it can bring itself to compete for it.’
    • ‘Someone knows who the culprits are and are duty-bound to report them before someone is seriously injured or even murdered.’
    • ‘When I know a visitor is due, I feel duty-bound to look my best, so I usually catch a quick shower, put on a bright shirt, pressed trousers and even a sunny smile.’
    • ‘But the UN and, more specifically, its leading members, are duty-bound to oppose the one aggressor nation today that threatens to make of its lone conflict a global catastrophe.’
    • ‘Most fledgling parents or parents-to-be feel duty-bound to invest in some sort of guide to looking after a new baby, and publishers, naturally, feel duty-bound to take advantage of that by churning out one guide after another.’
    • ‘Therefore the Government in particular and society in general is duty-bound to assist the construction industry to perform satisfactorily.’
    • ‘If you can make a convincing argument that what someone's saying will have a negative consequence, then they are, again, duty-bound to correct it.’
    • ‘For those who charge the Church with being intolerant of different points of view, I say to them that the church is duty-bound to be intolerant of that which is morally wrong - as should everything Christian be!’
    • ‘Regular readers might get the impression I'm a critic of technology, but the information age has given me so many opportunities that I feel duty-bound to support it.’
    • ‘How do we promote a sense of interdependence in which citizens feel not just enabled to correct inaccurate reports, but duty-bound to do so?’
    • ‘It is satisfying to see that the Executive appears to have taken the hint on the appointment, though it still went through the process of hiring headhunters, no doubt because it is duty-bound to do so.’
    • ‘Ministers demanded that service because if they misled the people and did not immediately correct the record, they were duty-bound to accept responsibility and resign.’
    • ‘I was one of those journalists, duty-bound to cover this minor Scottish success story but intrigued, too, by the single which had landed on my desk four months earlier and which had hardly been off my CD-player since.’
    • ‘Should our priests be allowed to pursue, in that unbridled manner, as politicians are duty-bound to do, matters that are essentially political in nature and whose resolution lie in political circles?’
    • ‘As the classical Greek tragedy bible dictates, the spurned queen is duty-bound to seek vengeance, and both innocent and guilty are indiscriminately caught up in the inevitable bloodbath and terrifying climax.’
    • ‘We are duty-bound to manage our environment so that future generations may equally enjoy it.’
    • ‘We are duty-bound to deliver leaflets for the mainstream political parties.’
    beholden, under an obligation, obliged, obligated, bound, honour-bound, grateful, thankful, filled with gratitude, appreciative
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/ˈd(y)o͞odē ˈˌbound//ˈd(j)udi ˈˌbaʊnd/