Definition of dustbin in English:



  • A garbage can.

    • ‘The anti-littering law can be implemented only after a sustained campaign to provide enough dustbins or garbage disposal means conveniently to all citizens with easy access.’
    • ‘This lone dustbin clings to the side of a street lamp in front of the Deccan Herald office on the middle of the road.’
    • ‘The three-metre high dustbin - a converted golf cart - was at St Ann's Square, Manchester as part of an information campaign.’
    • ‘However, if he's trying to break new ground, then why did he look in hip-hop's old school dustbin for MCs?’
    • ‘Chicken are cut and skinned and the wastage is dumped into the nearby Corporation dustbin.’
    • ‘Maybe we will produce our energy from hydrogen, so that fossil fuels can be consigned to history's dustbin.’
    • ‘If that's not your style you could go back to basics and opt for a bread bin, a 40 litre pedestal dustbin and a knife block with six to 12 knives.’
    • ‘We need public awareness programmes for the public to put the garbage only in dustbins, which should be removed everyday before it decays and spreads disease.’
    • ‘The Hutton website is like a giant cyber dustbin which we can all rifle through, with no remote risk of getting caught.’
    • ‘This can safely be assigned to the dustbin of nonsense, on the shelf next to the notion that the Egyptians used to zip around the sky in airplanes a few eons ago.’
    • ‘I'm not going grubbing about in his dirty old dustbin, thank you very much, even a metaphorical one.’
    • ‘First, they're not consigned to dustbins but to museums, which, with any luck, do precisely what your piece does: point out what we are seeing, or used to see.’
    • ‘This, in turn, led to the production of lots of ashes, which were then deposited into a heavy metal dustbin.’
    • ‘The opening day wobble against Longford will soon be consigned to history's dustbin but for now it serves as a salient reference point.’
    • ‘Years ago we had one tiny dustbin and one tiny dustcart which dealt with our waste.’
    • ‘They should be dumped in that dustbin as soon as possible.’
    • ‘Maybe by applying a queer eye to the straight marriage, we can still save this essential but fading rite from history's dustbin.’
    • ‘Among the accessories were cookware and crockery, trolleys and storage racks, dustbins and garbage disposers, carpets and cleaning supplies, kitchen hardware and ventilators.’
    • ‘A third of the contents of the average family dustbin is paper and card - easily recyclable.’
    • ‘And it is certainly not a mass movement of pure libertarians sweeping interventionism into the dustbin of history.’