Definition of Dundee cake in US English:

Dundee cake


  • A rich fruitcake, typically decorated on top with almonds.

    • ‘Anyway, it turns out that underneath the marzipan and icing sugar of her gorgeous first birthday cake there lies a fine old-fashioned Dundee cake, perfect for dunking.’
    • ‘Dainty sandwiches, scones and the Queen's favourite Dundee cake are served.’
    • ‘In addition to the cucumber sandwiches and scones, there is always the Queen's favorite Dundee cake.’
    • ‘The accountants had found his personal finances to be in chaos, so much so that - horror of horrors - there was no Dundee cake for tea.’
    • ‘She could never abide Dundee cake and asked why couldn't it be Madeira, where her sister-in-law had just bought a time-share?’
    • ‘We managed to pick up some great mixed-citrus marmalade, but missed out on the Dundee cake.’
    • ‘Alternatively, I could have selected muesli cookie, Dundee cake, chocolate cake or even shortbread.’
    • ‘The hamper contained £100 worth of Christmas goodies including a bottle of port, nuts and a Dundee cake.’
    • ‘He visited us last year and developed such a liking for Dundee cake and shortbread that he's coming back again.’
    • ‘At the Unwind Centre, Christmas trees dressed up in twinkling light and Dundee cake spread goodwill as people weighed down with shawls and tottering plates of bhel puri wandered around the ‘Home Food Fest’ chewing cheerfully.’
    • ‘They could not afford a photographer to record their wedding day but the pair celebrated the occasion at a private reception held in a relative's house - where they dined on Dundee cake, half a pound of potted meat and pop.’
    • ‘With the gulf of a division between the sides, United were able to look quite tasty at times, but for the Dens club the Dundee cake is particularly bitter at the moment.’
    • ‘I come from Scotland, a place that starts each year with a lump of coal, a slice of Dundee cake and a yard of vomit, so I rather love the idea of first-footing with a fish.’


Dundee cake

/dənˈdi keɪk/