Definition of dumpy in English:



  • 1(of a person) short and stout.

    ‘her plain, dumpy sister’
    • ‘Even before he recognized the dumpy bag lady, Sam was running.’
    • ‘Very soon, a small, dumpy figure in a shaggy brown overcoat appeared, lugging a large sack.’
    • ‘This theme was followed through in the aftermath of that marriage of convenience, as those dumpy princesses found themselves, well, dumped.’
    • ‘A dumpy woman wearing maid's clothing picked up a load of dirty sheets and carry it to one of the washing machines.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, too many hits to the head caused a good majority of the players that stayed straight to marry dumpy broads.’
    • ‘Take them off, and it's like removing your espadrille wedges when you're wearing a smock dress (one minute, you're striking stork woman; the next, dumpy peasant girl).’
    • ‘In one hilarious scene, this frazzled, menopausal, dumpy housewife eyes up a parking space in the supermarket car park.’
    • ‘What really cracks me up about this pic is the dumpy assistant or fan or whoever standing behind her in boat shoes/ fishnets/ denimskirt/ tee and suit jacket.’
    • ‘A short dumpy woman appeared from behind the counter.’
    • ‘Clearly Aunt Charlotte was and is more than just a dumpy aunt; beneath all that hair and sensible clothing was all along a real a killer, who needed only to drop a few pounds and have bleach and wax job and a new wardrobe.’
    • ‘You see attractive women dating schlumps all the time, but when's the last time you saw a decent looking guy with a dumpy woman?’
    • ‘Albania's debut entry is a typical europop affair, fronted by a dumpy girl in a cheap dress.’
    • ‘Far from being short, thick and dumpy they walk tall as champions of freedom and responsibility.’
    • ‘A few seconds later a short, dumpy woman cautiously opened the door.’
    • ‘Carefully backing away from the newcomer, he waved a hairy-backed hand at his sour, dumpy friend.’
    • ‘I fancied that she imagined her wedding to the squinty-eyed, dumpy man sitting beside her.’
    • ‘He became well known for his woodcuts, which caused a frisson by taking liberties with the dignities of his subjects, most notably Queen Victoria herself, whom he depicted as a dumpy widow with a stick, walking a Scotch terrier.’
    • ‘References such as this, particularly as a lead, reinforce the prejudice that talented women must also be attractive. What if the subject had been a dumpy figure wearing dresses down to her ankle?’
    • ‘And my brother Dave and I - he's the shorter dumpy one - you know the one I mean.’
    • ‘She wasn't quite lean, but she wasn't very dumpy either.’
    short, squat, stubby
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  • 2US (of a room or building) ugly, dirty, and run-down.

    ‘a dumpy little diner with a "closed" sign hanging in the window’
    • ‘One phone call was placed to Tucson and as luck would have it, all the disreputable factors I was seeking were aligning themselves up perfectly, they were playing that very Saturday night in a dumpy bar in Tucson.’
    • ‘It's an evolution of the previous design, with more masculine light clusters and a less dumpy appearance.’
    • ‘Sitting in his dumpy room, smoking cigarettes, he tries to find a little consolation by talking to his dead brother.’
    • ‘He would ‘rough it up in dumpy hotels’ and drive rental cars around the City of Angles from record company to record company in hopes of being signed.’
    • ‘The Essex coast can be quite dumpy at times, but I do have a soft spot for it - especially when it's not quite in season.’
    • ‘He really spoke to teenagers like me, living in dumpy factory towns longing for a better life than working at the local tool and dye and going to the Tiki Hut Lounge every Friday night.’
    • ‘His loyal girlfriend Kathryn supports his dreams, willing even to live in a dumpy motel and work as a librarian's assistant to bring in some money.’
    • ‘Now, if I lived about 5 miles West of where I do - which, I am glad I don't as the place turns from idyllic Kentish fields to a dumpy town - then, she would be my MP.’
    • ‘She nodded with a ‘You're Welcome’ and ran on down the long corridor of dumpy apartments.’
    • ‘A dumpy little bar in a strip mall, aptly named for the overlooked president, Teddy - Roosevelt's calls to anyone of bar age for a night of drunkenness and gossip.’
    • ‘They're visiting from Seattle, hoping against the odds to see some famous New Yorker walk into the dumpy little hotel bar.’
    • ‘Once again, she found herself trailing behind him, following him through the maze of short hallways and dumpy stairwells.’
    • ‘The strange couple entered a dumpy looking motel and got a room.’
    • ‘Even if we get a good place to live down here, I'm still going to miss that dumpy old apartment.’
    • ‘Due to an address mix up, they are forced into new surroundings, which include a dumpy hut that's right next to a public beach.’
    • ‘I steered it out of the dumpy garage and into the private street that led out to the city.’
    • ‘So I took my tab and laid down on a mattress in a dumpy apartment on the Lower East Side and awaited a divine incarnation.’
    • ‘There were a few mechanics working outside at this really dumpy looking building.’
    • ‘We played a show at this dumpy bar last night, in a neighbourhood that smelled like a wharf.’
    • ‘If the world was going to end, I was going to be at home… not in a dumpy school.’


Mid 18th century: from dumpling + -y.