Definition of dum in US English:



  • Cooked with steam.

    ‘dum aloo’
    • ‘To follow, there's dum ka kid gosht: lamb shanks cooked in gravy in a sealed pot; or maybe Bombay Brasserie lamb chops, cooked in the tandoor.’
    • ‘Hyderabadi biryani, dum ka chicken, haleem, mirchi ka salan, bagara baigan, qubani ka meetha, double ka meetha… the list never seems to end.’
    • ‘With Punjabi flavour wafting from Murg Amritsar, Achar ka ghosht, Machili malasam and Murg dum biryani on one side, Seema is represented by the likes of Allam kodi kura, Sangati and Vepudu varieties.’
    • ‘It is particularly used to flavour dishes cooked by the dum method, i.e. baked in a sealed pot.’
    • ‘Under the guidance of the executive chef, he demonstrated dum pukht pakwan which included bhoora gosht, tawa paneer, dakhni saag, dum ka karela and chui mui kofta.’
    • ‘Will they prefer the hamburger to the Hyderabadi dum biryani?’
    • ‘Would these children miss out the other flavours of life and savour only curries like Dum Aloo?’
    • ‘Sample sheek kabab, sink your teeth into tandoori chicken or relish dum ka murgh.’
    • ‘Vegetarians have a choice of paneer pasanda, onion and mint pilaf, duet of stuffed zucchini with saffron cream, baghare baingan, dum ki broccoli aur phool gobhi and char-grilled vegetables with aceto balsamico.’
    • ‘Typical dishes include dum aloo, khatte baingan, methi chaman, and naider yakhni or lotus root.’
    • ‘From the much popular dum aloo to rajmah, the ones to look out for are nadir yakkhn or lotus stems in yogurt gravy, tsok vangun which is deep-friend brinjal in tamarind flavoured gravy and haakh, a typical Kashmiri saag made in mustard oil.’
    • ‘For spice and flavour, make a beeline for the Bengali samosas, ghoognis, namkeens, and aloo dum with peas kachoris.’


Urdu dam from Persian.