Definition of dulce in English:



  • A sweet food or drink, especially a candy or jam.

    • ‘With a sigh for the fullness of his stomach, he flipped open the cloth and took a pan dulce, dessert bread, from the basket and grimaced at the heat.’
    • ‘Coffee, tea, tortillas, pan dulce and sandwiches are dispensed with efficient ease by a small pre-pubescent girl for one or two quetzales.’
    • ‘He walked over to the Cuauhtemoc subway station, climbed stairs past old men and women selling nuts and dulces, and took the train over to the Padre Mier stop.’
    • ‘Another meat specialty is marcilla dulce, a blood sausage mixed with orange peels and walnuts.’
    • ‘Sweets are quite popular in Guatemala and there is a wide variety of desserts and sweet breads like pan dulce, a sweet corn bread.’
    • ‘After a breakfast of pan dulce (sweet bread), fried bananas, and fresh orange juice, the pickup truck was loaded with medical supplies and we left for another village.’
    • ‘We ordered too many tamales and passed on the pan dulce.’
    • ‘The finest sweet sherries such as Oloroso dulce (sweet oloroso) are produced by blending intensely sweet wines made from sun-dried Pedro Ximénez grapes.’
    • ‘You can still buy fresh pan dulce (sweet bread) every morning in the barrios and see family and friends as they gather on the front porch to talk in the evenings.’


  • Sweet or mild.

    • ‘Although her signature dulce voice was revered by all parang aficionados, she never won the prestigious title.’