Definition of dubplate in US English:



  • An acetate recording disk, typically one featuring a dub version of a reggae song that is not yet on general release.

    ‘the hottest tunes could be heard on dubplates prior to their official release’
    • ‘I cut a dubplate and gave it to a DJ.’
    • ‘That, my friends is called a test press or acetate or dubplate.’
    • ‘It had been doing the rounds as a dubplate (one-off acetate pressings of highly desirable tracks issued to DJs pre-release) since the 1976 Notting Hill Carnival, but didn't see general release for several years.’
    • ‘Soon dubplates evolved into hot commodities - every DJ wanted the newest, exclusive obscure dubplate with which to rock his party, and there were always new versions and remixes being released.’
    • ‘The best sounds still work to make sure they've got exclusive, one-of-a-kind dubplates.’
    • ‘He was a young DJ supporting their tunes, so they cut him a VIP dubplate and they all decided to work together after that.’
    • ‘Other tracks have begun to surface on dubplate.’
    • ‘In the film, top dollar is paid for a dubplate of the storming track, which is sure to murder Jah Shaka's opposing sound in the highly competitive soundclash that makes for a charged finale.’
    • ‘"He recorded an oral version of the poem and pressed it to dubplate, and he mixes it with hip hop beats."’
    • ‘Raves are an obvious descendent of soundsystem culture, and the album exposes this link further, fusing jungle records (one of the most popular forms of rave music) with the toasts of ragga dancehall singles, effectively recreating the effect of a dope dubplate.’