Definition of dry wash in US English:

dry wash


  • The dry bed of an intermittent stream.

    • ‘Indians from the Central American highlands trudge for days up dry washes lined with bramble bushes.’
    • ‘Most of its vineyards lie to the west of that town, on either bank of the dry wash for which it is named in Spanish.’
    • ‘No matter what you do, a canyon wall, for instance, isn't going to help you, but the dry wash at the bottom might.’
    • ‘The Hopis also plant in the dry washes that occasionally flood, as well as in the mouths of arroyos.’
    • ‘The dry washes here partly conceal tortoises the size of refrigerators; iguanas as long as your arm sprawl in the baking sun.’
    • ‘One night not long ago, I intercepted a mountain lion in a dry wash.’
    • ‘We hiked in dry washes where rattlesnakes convene and when I heard a tiny rattling sound, I said, ‘TONY?’’
    • ‘Most fairways wiggle down a canyon or across a dry wash, and most greens are tucked beneath buttes, with boulders balancing high above.’
    • ‘The road rose steeply past forests of cardónes and dry washes over stretches of washboard and sections paved with flat rocks.’
    • ‘The dining hall and locker rooms are past a dry wash and up a cactus-lined path.’
    • ‘The bus drove downhill, turned right, and made its way out of town along Harshaw Creek Road, following the dry wash up and out, towards the San Rafael Valley and the old Mexican border crossing at Lochiel.’
    • ‘The dry wash is dusty and shouldn't be attempted after rain, but the view of what was once a primordial lake bed, particularly at sunset, is worth the trip.’
    • ‘Next to a dry wash off County Road 4955, the current Velasquez spread rises out of the red earth and sagebrush.’
    • ‘Sun and shade, bogs and dry washes, slopes and valleys - all present different challenges.’
    • ‘Cow tracks and dry washes can now officially be designated ‘roads ‘and paved over to get to the loot.’
    • ‘In her mind's eye she could see them filing along dry washes and scattering over the fields, stopping now and then to listen for the sound of fugitive feet against gravel and stubble.’
    • ‘However, vehicles will also encounter brush and dry washes, as well as sandy and hard-packed ground.’
    • ‘Jerome's sedan dipped as they drove through a dry wash on the road.’
    • ‘Gourd-bearing vines are found in dry washes and along roadsides in Mexico and the U.S. Southwest.’
    • ‘The rocky, narrow trail to the palms goes through Sonoran Desert habitat, crossing several dry washes that carry water only after a torrential downpour - an infrequent occurrence.’