Definition of dry valley in US English:

dry valley


  • A valley cut by water erosion but containing no permanent surface stream, typically one occurring in an area of porous rock such as limestone.

    • ‘Usually, life avoids such briny salts, but in the dry valleys of Antarctica, where conditions most resemble those of Mars, the conditions actually can prove advantageous to biological organisms.’
    • ‘One of the film's high points is a battle on a frozen lake, though as the photos below show, this was really filmed in a dry valley, with the grassy banks being digitally subtracted and replaced.’
    • ‘Limestone pavements, dry valleys, sink holes and fault lines are all encountered on this walk which visits the spectacular Malham Cove.’
    • ‘Their outward journey to Jerusalem would take twenty days traveling on horseback across upland deserts and through dry valleys of volcanic rock.’
    • ‘This is Watlowes, the dry valley that runs from a few hundred yards south of the car park on the road to Malham Cove itself.’
    • ‘The dry valleys of Antarctica don't get much rain or snow either.’
    • ‘Today's route is in two contrasting halves, first tops, headlands and expansive skies, later a magnificent long dry valley.’
    • ‘We turned right off the main road on to a dirt track and bounced on through a landscape of rocks and dry valleys.’
    • ‘In addition to the channels left by large floods, dry valleys that appear to have been cut by slow-moving water also meander across much of the old cratered terrain in the southern highlands.’
    • ‘You can still see the river's dry valley to the south in Green Park, heading towards the grounds of Buckingham Palace where the underground Tyburn still feeds the Queen's ornamental lake.’
    • ‘The shakehole lies twenty metres North-West of the second stile in the dry valley above Trow Gill, to the left of the main path to Gaping Gill Main Shaft.’