Definition of dry sink in US English:

dry sink


North American
  • An antique kitchen cabinet with an inset basin, now generally used as an ornament rather than for practical purposes.

    • ‘Hers sported a washroom with water-closet; a well made twin-bed; a chest of drawers for his things; a dry sink and highly polished silver mirror; and a balcony.’
    • ‘She sighed, tried to even her breathing to this change in the structure of her torso, and stepped around the screen, striding towards her dry sink to fix her hair up.’
    • ‘In early America, long before the days of shower massages and whirlpool tubs, the dry sink was as commonplace and functional as any fully plumbed sink in a modern, American home.’
    • ‘Carefully stripping off his tunic and shirt, he walked to his dry sink.’
    • ‘Since I think I'm going to be in for the long haul, here, I casually lean my lithe whip of a body against one of the dry sinks and prop my elbows up against its cold, porcelain lip.’