Definition of dry out in English:

dry out

phrasal verb

  • (of an alcoholic) abstain from alcoholic drink, especially as part of a detoxification program.

    ‘he intends to dry out and get his life back together again’
    • ‘Apparently she's drying out in a hospital somewhere.’
    • ‘It's the additional bottle of schnapps for the alky who should be drying out.’
    • ‘Billy's lawyer alleges that Iris has a drink problem, while her lawyer claims that he had spent three weeks in a monastery drying out.’
    • ‘I have every intention of drying out enough to get back to work on the novel by Friday.’
    • ‘He was a lost soul with illusions, endlessly drying out from drugs and then going back on them.’
    give up drinking, give up alcohol, become teetotal, overcome alcoholism, take the pledge
    go on the wagon
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