Definition of dry-mount in US English:



  • See dry mounting

    • ‘I dry-mount them and make another three-dimensional montage of their self-portraits, but this time in color.’
    • ‘Hot Press vacuum presses have a patented heated glass-top technology that allows strong adhesion when dry mounting and an even surface finish when overlaminating.’
    • ‘I also dry-mounted those little drugstore-processed snapshots onto pieces of mat board with a three-inch border, which was fortunate because it gave them support.’
    • ‘Finally, the images are dry-mounted and framed to his specifications.’
    • ‘Since I print one for the student plus one for me, I dry-mount a copy of each portrait on illustration board.’
    • ‘Some experts, however, advise framers against dry mounting boards together for certain applications if you don't want the layers to show.’