Definition of drum major in US English:

drum major


  • 1A noncommissioned officer commanding the drummers of a regimental band.

    • ‘The drum major, in his tall black fur hat, face-to-face with Reagan, smartly saluted his departing commander in chief.’
    • ‘It seems she should still be out there in front of the band leading us onto the field as our drum major, not arranging a burial service for her son.’
    • ‘Now that our drum major has decided to arrive, we can go out to the field.’
  • 2The leader of a marching band, who often twirls a baton.

    • ‘Funny enough, I also ran into Doug, a friend of mine from high school who was our drum major in the band.’
    • ‘Jen, the senior drum major, was tapping her foot impatiently as they finished ‘Are you done now?’’
    • ‘When I got on the bus for the trip I couldn't get my stuff out to write because I was cramped into a little space between a drum major, a friend of mine, and another friend of mine behind me.’
    • ‘One of the two drum majors, a tall, brown-haired boy, got on the podium, called their instruments up, and they began to play.’
    • ‘She's a genius, a man-hater and the head drum major for our state wide championship marching band.’
    • ‘She played the cornet before becoming our drum major in 2001.’
    • ‘I was a drum major because I wanted to be out there at halftime entertaining.’
    • ‘I served the organization as a section leader, drill assistant and ultimately as a drum major.’
    • ‘It's the drum major whose kinetic energy electrifies them all.’
    • ‘However, the true highlight of the evening was when our drum major Sean asked our band director if he could conduct our field show when we were to play it in the stands at halftime.’
    • ‘And they took a broomstick and then they stole the brass knob of the bed and they put it on the broomstick and he became the drum major of that band.’
    • ‘He was the drum major, she was the guard captain.’
    1. 2.1 A member of a baton-twirling parading group.


drum major

/ˈdrəm ˈˌmeɪdʒər//ˈdrəm ˈˌmājər/