Definition of drosophila in English:



  • A small fruit fly, used extensively in genetic research because of its large chromosomes, numerous varieties, and rapid rate of reproduction.

    • ‘One of the most notorious examples, a module for control of eye formation that is common to drosophila, mice, and humans may stand as an emblem for laymen such as me, but it is a very small part of the story and may turn out to be atypical.’
    • ‘What evidence led Morgan to hypothesize that the gene for eye color in Drosophilia is carried on the "X" chromosome?’
    • ‘As early as the 1970s, population geneticists began to notice a peculiar characteristic among drosophila, the fast-breeding fruit fly on which most of our reproductive knowledge is based.’
    • ‘While the smaller bacterial genomes can be tackled by direct sequencing, larger ones like that of drosophila or humans require the use of genetic markers.’


Modern Latin, from Greek drosos ‘dew, moisture’ + philos ‘loving’.