Definition of drink deep in English:

drink deep


  • Take a large draft or drafts of something.

    figurative ‘he learned to drink deep of the Catholic tradition’
    • ‘I drank deep those passionate kisses, as though each was a lifetime in itself.’
    • ‘Both men stood and toasted one another, touching their cupped hands and drinking deep.’
    • ‘It offers an opportunity to drink deep of the Gothic atmosphere and muse on the blurry boundaries between truth and illusion.’
    • ‘He pulled the cork out with his teeth, tipped the bottle up and drank deep.’
    • ‘Harry and Dolly and I stood in the kitchen doorway looking out, sniffing at the cool, damp, slightly metallic smell of the earth drinking deep after so long a drought.’
    • ‘But Oxfam's research suggests we're drinking deep from the cup of inequity.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, educated men and women of the middle classes, weaned on Renaissance humanism, a secular art and life in the cities, drank deep from the literature of Greece and Rome.’
    • ‘Gratefully, Cleo washed her face and hands in the torrents of water, drinking deep.’
    • ‘Maclean urged guests to the city to ‘go out and sample it, drink deep of this confluence of rich cultures and traditions and go back as ambassadors for this area, with its unrivalled beauty and hospitality’.’
    • ‘His ebony face was highlighted by the moon's glow as he looked up into it, his eyes drinking deep of its milky beauty.’