Definition of drilling rig in US English:

drilling rig


  • A large structure with equipment for drilling an oil well.

    • ‘In addition, there is relatively good access to this site, which was an important practical consideration for deployment of the drilling rig.’
    • ‘But opponents fear that a drilling rig as high as a 12-storey building would be a scar on the landscape, while noise levels and light pollution would be unacceptable.’
    • ‘Day rates for deep-water drilling rigs have more than doubled in the last year, rising from $75,000 to $150,000 and above.’
    • ‘The bill introduces a temporary 6-year tax exemption on income earned from non-resident drilling rigs and seismic ships involved in exploration for petroleum in New Zealand.’
    • ‘This is a drilling rig that's currently being tested.’
    • ‘Thirty-seven million gallons spill from oil tankers alone, and 15 million more from oil drilling rigs.’
    • ‘It is also recommended that the system should adopt drilling rigs with a minimum stroke of 3 m together with a high-torque rotary drill head.’
    • ‘New drilling ships and semi-submersible drilling rigs such as Cajun Express allow drillers to work at far greater depths than more conventional platforms that rest on the ocean floor.’
    • ‘As capital flowed in to buy gas reserves and ramp up production, drilling rigs and other equipment became scarce commodities, creating an upward spiral of costs.’
    • ‘While there is no hardship pay for working offshore, entry-level roustabouts on the drilling rig still begin at about $30,000 per year.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, oil companies continued to be conservative in their spending on drilling, and his operation, caught with an excess of drilling rigs and a shortage of cash, would be acquired by another firm.’
    • ‘A similar amount of America's crude oil production has been shut down, and it is yet unknown how much damage has been done to drilling rigs and the underwater pipes that carry oil to refiners.’
    • ‘This industry and all its employment opportunities might be negatively affected by the inevitable pollution and unsightly drilling rigs lining the coastline.’
    • ‘The company employs about 600 people and operates 36 drilling rigs.’
    • ‘He performs underwater repairs on offshore drilling rigs.’
    • ‘And there is no lack of more mundane demands for strong cables: for example, to hang bridges and tether drilling rigs to the seabed.’
    • ‘Fields that are profitable enough will warrant drilling rigs.’
    • ‘What we have seen plenty of are roads, pipelines and drilling rigs.’
    • ‘Yes, they construct oil pipelines and drilling rigs and such.’
    • ‘Whether the drilling is submersible or semi-submersible, the mobilisation costs, drilling rigs, etc. are very expensive.’


drilling rig

/ˈdriliNG ˌriɡ/