Definition of dreamboat in US English:



  • A very attractive person, especially a man.

    • ‘If you want to be married and your dreamboat isn't interested, don't waste your time. Remember, women fall in love and get married.’
    • ‘When he lifts up his baseball cap to scratch his hair, the soft features of a boy-band dreamboat are revealed.’
    • ‘I am looking forward to meeting a dreamboat at her celebratory dinner tonight.’
    • ‘Before long, she's managed to insert herself into the cast, snare her dreamboat, popularize her colossal hairdo and integrate the show for her black friends.’
    • ‘Sometimes we have to explain things to the dreamboats we are married to because many of them are tone deaf to, uh, nuance.’
    • ‘I immediately lost all desire to touch him, even if he was a dreamboat.’
    • ‘So when her own dreamboat misbehaves, she knows exactly what to do, right?’
    • ‘Tricky little dreamboat - he just loves the cloak and dagger!’
    • ‘It's not fair to say that Democrats aren't seduced by their own archetypal dreamboats.’
    • ‘But all he wanted to do was write poetry about tortured relationships and stuff - what a dreamboat!’
    • ‘Are you two dreamboats here visiting someone?’
    • ‘Of course, in a career of fairy-tale proportions, he's not only played Cinderella's royal dreamboat, but also the Nutcracker prince, the Swan Lake prince and the Sleeping Beauty prince, with room for Romeo and Apollo on the side.’
    • ‘He was a man's man, a woman's dreamboat and a good friend.’
    • ‘Don't look now, but a blond dreamboat is checking your sails.’
    • ‘He is not anybody's dreamboat of a point guard - he's small, inconsistent with the shot, and never one to rack up a ton of assists - but he plays hard and seems not to have become overly enamored with his own abilities.’
    • ‘I overheard these older girls talking about him being a dreamboat but I just see him as Scott, the kid that had to go to the doctor because he swallowed eight marbles whole.’
    • ‘Verbal compatibility is vital and most dreamboats on paper turn out to be duds on the phone.’
    • ‘Your brother is a total dreamboat
    • ‘He is interrupted by a butch, bearded man clad in plaid (played by ascending dreamboat Gael García Bernal) who introduces himself as his childhood friend Ignacio, now an aspiring actor known by the stage name Angel.’
    • ‘Joey is the gay man's love interest - my fantasy: a hunky dreamboat with a jones for older Jewish men.’