Definition of dream something up in US English:

dream something up

phrasal verb

  • Imagine or invent something.

    ‘he's been dreaming up new ways of attracting customers’
    • ‘And while Massachusetts' politicians dreamed it up (it was a parting present to Tip from his Congressional colleagues), almost 60 percent of the total cost will be paid for with federal tax dollars.’
    • ‘Once, schoolmates rallied round him when he claimed his father had died; they were furious when they discovered he had dreamed the story up to win sympathy.’
    • ‘Dozens of Edinburgh hotels are set to benefit from the creation of a new online service just weeks after the idea was dreamed up.’
    • ‘These works feel as if they were dreamt up over a few pints in a bar.’
    • ‘Putting the right people in the right place at the right time, doing the right job - that may not be in the particular order that PR people dreamt it up - but that can be, I am afraid, from my experience, rather laughable.’
    • ‘And she also must take the time to explain why members of the public were not consulted when this master plan was dreamt up.’
    • ‘It's hard to shake the feeling that the novel was dreamed up and written inside a week.’
    • ‘I'll be accused of paranoia, seeing reds under beds, conspiracy theories and what ever other dastardly motives can be dreamed up by all our favorite Lefties but that's just too bad.’
    • ‘If their credentials seem a little vague, that's because the Williams family members are virtual people; they exist only in the mind of the man who dreamed them up.’
    • ‘It should be about solutions not point scoring, because I don't care which side dreams it up.’
    • ‘Worst-case scenarios are dreamed up and promulgated, normally worse than before.’
    • ‘It's difficult to resist the feeling that some ideas have been dreamed up by scientists desperate to make a name for themselves at any price.’
    • ‘Of all the ads, this is the one that most looks like it was dreamed up and executed by the Democratic National Committee.’
    • ‘A ten per cent off coupon was printed on two nights in the Evening Press after the offer was dreamt up by a group of city retailers wanting to put the smiles back on the faces of local people following the chaos endured during the floods.’
    • ‘Lots of new ideas have been dreamt up in the past few years to encourage more people to vote by making the process more convenient.’
    • ‘But on a Saturday morning, like today, I go in their room and the beds are empty and I'm standing there, still sort of sleeping and groggy and I imagine that they don't really exist or that I've dreamed my whole life up.’
    • ‘Even works of sheer fantasy owe everything to the nature of the imagination that dreamed them up, and imaginations are shaped by the experiences of the individuals to which they are shackled.’
    • ‘It's hard not to envy the lunatic who dreamed them up.’
    • ‘Grand designs to remake nations are dreamed up in the groves of academe and the corridors of power.’
    • ‘It's no surprise to hear that the film was dreamt up by director Luc Besson as a teenager, but it's worth watching if only for Jean-Paul Gaultier's glorious costumes.’
    think up, invent, concoct, devise, hatch, contrive, create, fabricate, work out, come up with, conjure up
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