Definition of dreadlocks in US English:


plural noun

  • A hairstyle in which the hair is washed but not combed and twisted while wet into tight braids or ringlets hanging down on all sides.

    ‘a stately Rastafarian in dreadlocks nursed a dark ale’
    • ‘His thick black hair was kept in long dreadlocks, perfectly framing his face.’
    • ‘Some of his thinning hair is tied into dreadlocks that hang down his back.’
    • ‘He dressed in complete black, and his green hair fell down to his shoulders in dreadlocks.’
    • ‘So, I'd appreciate your thoughts on the technical and social aspects of having dreadlocks.’
    • ‘While having the nose job, I was offered hair extensions in the form of multi-coloured dreadlocks.’
    • ‘Then we noticed that some of these cops had pony-tails, others full-on Afros and dreadlocks.’
    • ‘He had turquoise hair done in dreadlocks, which hung about his head in a messy bunch and nearly reached his shoulders.’
    • ‘I left my hair the way I usually keep it, twisted in sections kind of like dreadlocks.’
    • ‘Those Rastafarians with dreadlocks who never wash their hair may be on to something.’
    • ‘She has red-brown, extremely long hair, usually tied in a plait with two dreadlocks behind each ear.’
    • ‘It's all frizzy and damp and twisted in sweaty, frizzy chunks that almost look like dreadlocks.’
    • ‘Within moments, my hair lost its sheen and assembled itself into blonde dreadlocks.’
    • ‘His hair was twisted in short dreadlocks that hung down past his chin.’
    • ‘Veronica, 39, is a pretty woman with a mass of dreadlocks who lives across the street from me.’
    • ‘It kind of looks a little like dreadlocks but I have braided it so that it doesn't get too tangled in the hands of a two year old.’
    • ‘He had very short hair with long dreadlocks in the back.’
    • ‘He had shoulder length white hair that hung in dreadlocks around his shoulders, and black sunglasses.’
    • ‘I vote that we go for the water torture plan - threaten to wash his dreadlocks!’
    • ‘As I round the corner he is joined by his mate, a man with his hair in 3 dreadlocks - one huge matted one on top and two huge matted ones on either side.’
    • ‘Chris shook his head, his dreadlocks becoming free from the ponytail he put them in.’
    plait, pigtail, twist
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