Definition of drainpipe in US English:



  • A pipe for carrying off rainwater or liquid refuse from a building.

    • ‘Cut another piece of drainpipe that fits between the elbow on the wall and 1 foot above the ground.’
    • ‘A suspended ceiling in the town's social welfare office collapsed after water burst from a drainpipe on the roof of the building.’
    • ‘The second method is a little more practical - our main concern is that people will climb up our drainpipe to the balcony (we live on the street side of the building).’
    • ‘Excess water drains out the bottom pot into a pan of gravel that sits on top of a drainpipe to take the excess solution to the landscape cistern as described earlier.’
    • ‘The rat had entered the under-sink cabinet from below, through the open space around the drainpipe, and had been feasting on our garbage.’
    • ‘If the air is dirty, there must be a missing scrubber on a smokestack or a drainpipe that needs a filter.’
    • ‘This allows you to drive the snake deeply into the drainpipe.’
    • ‘Okay, I understand her parents getting mad when she shimmies down the drainpipe from her second-story room on weekends to go party with friends, but one B + is nothing.’
    • ‘Set the new floor bolts in plumber's putty and insert them through the flange, adjusting the bolts so they line up with the center of the drainpipe.’
    • ‘Tracy pointed at a drainpipe leading down the side.’
    • ‘When the drainpipe terminates outside the building it can be installed in a fully visible location, such as at the front porch or along a common walkway.’
    • ‘Quickly scaling up another two floors, Alanis took her hands off the drainpipe, reached up and grasped the gutter above her head, then flipped herself onto the roof.’
    • ‘The noise you hear is toilet effluent running down the drainpipe inside the wall.’
    • ‘If you are putting a new drainpipe on the side of your wall, and the drainpipe covers the street sign that is on the side of the wall, what do you do?’
    • ‘The valve should allow a burst of hot water into the drainpipe.’
    • ‘Kim carried on down the drainpipe and when she reached the end of the guttering, she glanced around to see if there was anyone in the surrounding streets.’
    • ‘Is there a drainpipe that diverts water from the base of the wall to the street?’
    • ‘The drainpipe's opening was 60 centimeters wide.’
    • ‘In a recent column, you stated that the drainpipe for a water heater must terminate at the exterior of a building, even when the water heater is installed in a garage.’
    • ‘This third type, called controlled drainage, allows the grower to set the drainage outlet at any level between the ground surface and the drainpipe.’