Definition of drag race in English:

drag race


  • A race between two or more cars over a short distance, usually a quarter of a mile, as a test of acceleration.

    • ‘When they stopped racing in 1974, he took up professional bass fishing for most of the rest of the decade, later went into the car business, and didn't go to a drag race again for many years.’
    • ‘A local track's bracket race is like a family gathering and the drag race is just part of the party.’
    • ‘Lash competed in his first drag race at the age of 17 in 1953.’
    • ‘From the first time I can remember seeing a drag race as a little kid, the only thing I ever wanted to do was race and be a Pro one day.’
    • ‘When you come to a drag race, you get a little bit of everything.’
    • ‘I have always been a fan of all motor sports, but after my first drag race (the inaugural Lucas Oil NHRA Route 66 Nationals), I was hooked!’
    • ‘I don't know if I've ever seen so many fans crowd the pits or pack the grandstands at a drag race as they did in Indianapolis.’
    • ‘The best way I can think of to describe what it's like to go to a race in the Northwest Division is ‘I went to a family reunion and a drag race broke out.’’
    • ‘If a street race or a drag race is unauthorised, it is therefore already - before we even pass this bill - against the law, because it would involve excessive speed and breaking the speed limit.’
    • ‘It's a drag race, not a track meet, for crying out loud.’
    • ‘No television show will ever replace the visceral impact of attending the drag race in person, but this show will definitely bring viewers about as close to the action as possible today.’
    • ‘I have some friends who have never seen a drag race, but I have already talked to them about going to Pomona with me.’
    • ‘One in five drivers lamented that television coverage, no matter how good it is, can never fully capture the sound and fury of a live drag race.’
    • ‘We even took my grandbaby out to her first drag race, and I sat in the stands with all of the fans.’
    • ‘The street lights along the side of the roads are giving the race the air of a drag race.’
    • ‘He took third, while Tony Brown held off the class two leader all race only to lose momentum exiting the chicane for the final time and lose the drag race to the line - and with it fourth place.’
    • ‘If he would have stuck around Sunday, it would have made it a different drag race.’
    • ‘I decided to take my fiancée, Christina, to her first drag race, and boy did she ever turn out to be one heck of a good-luck charm.’
    • ‘‘When I got back to Tampa from the first drag race I saw and entered in 1953 with my stock '50 Ford, I started working on a real race car,’ he said.’
    • ‘What he did at this season's previous 16 races really doesn't matter; what matters is that at the biggest drag race of the year, there was no one better.’


  • drag racing

      • ‘Though the venues are similar, a major difference between drag racing and stock car racing is pit access.’
      • ‘She might be involved in stock car racing, but drag racing will always be number one in her heart.’
      • ‘Through their father's guidance, drag racing became their love and passion, and it became their goal to own a Top Fuel team.’
      • ‘He soon began drag racing at local tracks and competing in oval-track stock-car events.’
      • ‘Being an old-fashioned racer, I have always thought that slowing down a race car is antithetical to the concept of drag racing.’


drag race

/ˈdræɡ ˌreɪs/