Definition of draft pick in US English:

draft pick


North American
  • 1The right of a sports team to select a player during the annual selection process.

    • ‘This will be an extremely important off season in terms of personnel for the team, which will have all its draft picks and perhaps some free-agent money to spend.’
    • ‘The team has no first-round draft pick.’
    • ‘The team used its top draft pick, a second-rounder, on the small but powerful player.’
    • ‘The team will use a high draft pick to select a young quarterback to bring along.’
    • ‘His lingering back injury might force the team to spend a draft pick on a fullback.’
    • ‘NFL teams don't spend draft picks on someone who might make it.’
    • ‘One of the items the owners gave up in these negotiations was the compensatory draft picks teams currently receive when they lose a free agent.’
    • ‘Some great players were picked up by the club with low draft picks.’
    • ‘Sherman has indicated he might use his first draft pick on a quarterback, if the right guy is there.’
    • ‘You offer him arbitration at the end of the season and you collect draft picks when another team signs him.’
    • ‘The team has two first-round draft picks, so look for a pass rusher to be targeted.’
    • ‘It has gotten to the point where using a draft pick on a quarterback is as wasteful as using a $20 bill to light a cigar.’
    • ‘The team could decide to take a quarterback with one of its top draft picks.’
    • ‘They were lucky enough to get to use their very first draft pick on a franchise quarterback.’
    • ‘NFL teams don't spend high draft picks on special teams players.’
    • ‘They got a draft pick and through that got one of the greatest players ever in the game.’
    • ‘They spent most of their draft picks acquiring players who can cover the defensive zone.’
    • ‘The general manager unsmilingly replied: ‘The draft pick is more important.’’
    • ‘Further hurting the cause is last season's fiasco, which cost the team four first-round draft picks over five years.’
    • ‘The Cowboys spent three of their five draft picks on cornerbacks, but they still had to sign Sparks.’
    1. 1.1 A player selected during the draft.
      • ‘It marks the fifth straight year a quarterback has been the top draft pick.’
      • ‘The corner locker belongs to a second-round draft pick.’
      • ‘We're in the middle of that process at the end of the season as people look at trading old players to pick up draft picks.’
      • ‘I've always been a big proponent of playing top draft picks early, including quarterbacks.’
      • ‘A surprising number of people believed we were second-round draft picks.’
      • ‘He became one of China's biggest sports heroes after joining the NBA in 2002 as the No.1 draft pick.’
      • ‘They are set to acquire the best cornerback in the NFL as well as a second-round draft pick.’
      • ‘Can an existing player be truly valued against a draft pick?’
      • ‘He was the last of the team's seven draft picks to sign.’
      • ‘The team's top two draft picks looked good in minicamp.’
      • ‘Losing two players for two draft picks really doesn't seem like a wise move.’
      • ‘I hope the draft picks work out for them because this trade just forced him into early retirement.’
      • ‘Why should players feel loyalty towards clubs that will happily exchange them for draft picks or youth?’
      • ‘In 1985, he became the first African American to represent a No.1 draft pick for the NBA.’
      • ‘He is the third first-season player in the squad having been the fifth draft pick overall in 2003.’
      • ‘They wanted to raise the minimum compensation for any draft pick from $150,000 to $300,000.’
      • ‘Of the team's 13 draft picks, five were defensive linemen, including four of the first six selections.’
      • ‘He was the first draft pick in franchise history, and was chosen fourth overall in 2000.’
      • ‘Oklahoma could have two top 10 draft picks at cornerback.’
      • ‘The recruiting has been first class: the draft picks look good and some old players look ready to deliver.’