Definition of draft in English:



  • 1A preliminary version of a piece of writing.

    ‘the first draft of the party's manifesto’
    as modifier ‘a draft document’
    • ‘At most he's guilty of modestly sloppy wording in the first draft of his initial piece about the memo a week ago, a mistake that he quickly corrected.’
    • ‘In response to my early drafts of this article, the following analogy was proposed.’
    • ‘Art Business News has obtained a preliminary draft of the report.’
    • ‘On yet another occasion, Laurel did all the writing of an initial draft, utilizing feedback and editing from Amy and Kate.’
    • ‘Since a job description for this office could not be found, I generated a preliminary draft of such a document.’
    • ‘New Zealand Post had a preliminary draft of that report.’
    • ‘The first draft of the documents was unveiled last September, following an extensive consultation process.’
    • ‘WR participated in data collection and interpretation and in writing of the first draft.’
    • ‘Deep inside, I knew that Holmes's threat had expedited the writing of my first draft of this story.’
    • ‘Both texts are drafts of final versions and would almost certainly have been burned when no longer needed.’
    • ‘It is hoped that each will complete a preliminary draft of a new play by July 2005, with a view to five new works being created for possible production over the next few years.’
    • ‘Until then, I'm just going to push myself like a madman to finish the first draft of this new piece before I leave to go home next Thursday.’
    • ‘The Commission also has the budgetary initiative, and therefore originates the preliminary draft budget which is put before the Council.’
    • ‘Maybe later today I'll post my edited version of the draft.’
    • ‘There was much writing to be had, resulting in a first draft of my book.’
    • ‘It is to be supplied with a summary of the case and the preliminary draft decision, on which it delivers an opinion.’
    • ‘It was announced that last week's paper was only a preliminary draft.’
    • ‘The study was still undergoing substantive editing in order to incorporate the suggestions of the lawyers and public policy analysts who reviewed its preliminary drafts.’
    • ‘The writing of the first draft has been argued by recent scholars without reference to Barrett's testimony.’
    • ‘The committee readily accepted the plan, and the education specialist began to work on the preliminary draft of the program.’
    1. 1.1 A plan, sketch, or rough drawing.
      • ‘When I am drawing, I use pencils for rough drafts and pens for final copies since it makes my drawings look more professional.’
      • ‘This working draft can be compared to a rough draft of a manuscript, essentially containing all of the information needed but still requiring some hard polishing before completion.’
      • ‘My current plan is to do rough drafts until November 1st.’
      • ‘This is a rough draft, which means that I already know I didn't nail it, so please don't hold back if you think something's wrong!’
      • ‘Some manuscripts include rough and final drafts, and galley and page proofs.’
      • ‘However, the Councillors agreed to look at regulating the size of apartments in its upcoming development plan, a draft of which is expected to be published in a few weeks.’
      • ‘A first draft of the plan is out today outlining how to ration scarce medications and speed vaccine production in the event of a worldwide flu outbreak.’
      • ‘This was originally allocated for housing in the first draft of the Local Plan.’
      • ‘When a plainer style is an option, or when it may be necessary to shorten the rough draft of an essay or an assignment, it is almost always possible to find short substitutes for long phrases.’
      • ‘You could revise and refine your photo as if it were a rough draft of a story.’
      • ‘I don't write and re-write. I don't do a rough draft or an outline before I post.’
      • ‘I sent Coach a few rough drafts of columns, but his suggestions didn't seem that strong.’
      • ‘The consultations next week will give farmers an opportunity to provide input into the final draft of the plan so it better accommodates their needs.’
      • ‘He drew the final version of the winning poster with a combination of jiffy marker pens and acrylic paints, after working on rough drafts in pencil.’
      • ‘You never know exactly what's going on during a battle, so you have to learn to make snap decisions and adapt to the initial rough draft of the plan.’
      • ‘He soon had a rough draft of a manuscript about how an antibody might be formed and the physical-chemical basis of its specific reaction with antigen.’
      • ‘A council spokesman said the creation of the plan would broadly follow the same route as the first, except that the draft of that plan had never been submitted to the Government.’
      • ‘It's the result of many rough drafts and sketches, as well as six months of labour.’
      • ‘Quick outlines and fast rough drafts save time and editing trauma.’
      • ‘This is the last installment of the rough draft.’
    2. 1.2Computing A mode of operation of a printer in which text is produced rapidly but with relatively low definition.
      • ‘It isn't as good on plain paper though, with no happy medium between printing in the detailed finer modes and the speedier, but rougher, draft modes.’
  • 2the draftUS Compulsory recruitment for military service.

    ‘25 million men were subject to the draft’
    as modifier ‘draft cards’
    • ‘There were plenty of opportunities to a deferment from the draft and avoid service.’
    • ‘They offered various reasons why the draft should be opposed.’
    • ‘The mass media also tends to take seriously proposals to revive the draft.’
    • ‘Faced with the biggest recruitment shortfall since the draft was abolished in 1973, the Army has come up with what it thinks is a good idea.’
    • ‘It is possible the US could again institute its military draft in order to recruit the numbers of troops required to cover all its commitments.’
    • ‘In order to increase citizen service, we should not re-establish the draft.’
    • ‘Another possibility would be to combine the draft with some sort of nonmilitary national service.’
    • ‘In the mid-1970s the U.S. abandoned the draft and recruited an all-volunteer professional military.’
    • ‘Second, if you had bothered to learn about the issue you would have found that no one opposes the draft more than the military.’
    • ‘Today's volunteer Army is engaged at a pace unseen since the end of the draft 30 years ago, and worldwide commitments magnify the stress on the force.’
    • ‘At least if the draft were revived a big portion of the drinkers would be in other parts of the world.’
    • ‘The big step away from this model was the end of the draft.’
    • ‘Talk of reviving the military draft, to supply enough troops for the war on terror, is just that, talk.’
    • ‘Furthermore, even volunteer recruits, many entering because of the draft, received the same low salaries as draftees.’
    • ‘I think the draft, like military fighting itself, has to change with the times.’
    • ‘He is asking them to register with the U.S. selective service in case the military draft ever returns.’
    • ‘As it was, the draft was like a tax unfairly levied.’
    • ‘In March, the department announced that Japanese-Americans would no longer be eligible for the draft.’
    • ‘In 1980, a system of compulsory registration for the draft was instituted.’
    • ‘The Army made the volunteer Army work after the draft ended 30 years ago and also convinced its soldiers that they could lead almost normal lives.’
    1. 2.1North American A procedure whereby new or existing sports players are made available for selection or reselection by the teams in a league, usually with the earlier choices being given to the weaker teams.
      • ‘The combine rankings give fans insight into who may be among the top players in the draft, but that's about it.’
      • ‘What do you think of this assessment, and how do you think the depth of this draft compares to others from recent years?’
      • ‘Similarly, Blake clings to the notion that no player should enter the draft unless he is a four-year college senior.’
      • ‘In the final two days before the draft, teams begin contacting players they feel won't be selected.’
      • ‘Rasmus signed for a million dollars quickly, and was one of my favorite players in the draft.’
      • ‘Of all the offensive players entering the draft, Rogers is the best athlete.’
      • ‘It doesn't have to be a top 10 pick in the draft, but the player must have one-cut ability.’
      • ‘Much of the fun and palpitations of Rotisserie League play occurs at the draft of players at the start of the season.’
      • ‘A player becomes eligible for the draft when his team fails to protect him on its 40-man roster.’
      • ‘If a player is available early in the draft or in free agency, the team must make a move and cut Brown loose.’
      • ‘Some linebackers are available in the draft, but they must be unusually speedy to play in this system.’
      • ‘If scouts had known a year ago what they know now, he would have been one of the top three players taken in the draft.’
      • ‘Offering half the asking price is insulting and a poor way to handle the negotiations for the most talented and major-league ready player in the draft.’
      • ‘The Hawks are stuck in a rut of being bad enough to miss the play-offs but not bad enough to end up with a franchise player in the draft.’
      • ‘They added several solid players through the draft, some of whom should make the team and provide depth.’
      • ‘That seems strange because the team will bring in close to 40 players before the draft.’
      • ‘The Wolverines star might be the most talented offensive player in the draft.’
      • ‘Finding defensive backs and defensive ends most likely will be the team's priority in the free-agent market and the draft.’
      • ‘This year, in fact, three of the first four players taken in the draft were preps.’
      • ‘One insider who follows the process closely says 2004 might be a record year for prep players entering the draft.’
      • ‘After the draft, most teams have filled those needs with young players.’
    2. 2.2rare A group or individual selected from a larger group for a special duty, e.g., for military service.
  • 3British A current of cool air in a room or other confined space.

    ‘heavy curtains at the windows cut out drafts’
    • ‘They both sat cross-legged on her bed, wrapped in blankets to keep the cool night's draft out.’
    • ‘I really must remember to buy some superglue so I can fix the cat-flap and get rid of that awful draft.’
    • ‘No sooner did I start when I felt this large draft enter the room and found my head being snuggled into suffocation into a certain someone's chest.’
    • ‘The windows are too far from the seats, and you must stretch out your neck across an air-con vent that blows you with a fierce cold draft.’
    • ‘Those community bonfires that survive draft in special wardens and firework lighters.’
    • ‘There was no draft in the room, but the slip she wore under the dress didn't stop the cold from wrapping around her wet legs.’
    • ‘The window slid down to admit a cool, breezy draft, and Kelsey's all-too-familiar grin.’
  • 4British The action or act of pulling something along, especially a vehicle or farm implement.

    • ‘He feels dragged to the street, pulled by the draft of the others.’
    • ‘Then, safely pulled along by the pack's draft, he could stand up a little to rest his legs yet not lose any ground to the leaders.’
  • 5A written order to pay a specified sum; a check.

    • ‘The U-First account has no bank fees for transactions, such as cheques and drafts, and pays interest for accounts in credit, said Mr Wilson.’
    • ‘You may send in your contributions in the form of cheque or draft or money orders directly addressed to.’
    • ‘The reason for this is that bankers' drafts are made payable to the payee's order, which means that transfer can be effected only by means of the payee's genuine indorsement.’
    • ‘Hibernian was granted an injunction last Wednesday, continuing a restraining order against the cashing of bank drafts at the centre of the fraud.’
    • ‘Kader Khan realises his mistake - and immediately gives a draft for the bounced cheque!’
    • ‘My instructing solicitor has written out that further order as indicated by your Honour, so the draft order I am handing up is with the original conditions in it.’
    • ‘In the end he persuaded them to pay £40,000 in a banker's draft.’
    • ‘How could Dunlop walk into the AIB with cheques or drafts made out for large sums of money to a company of which he was not a director or shareholder or officer, and walk out again having converted them to cash?’
    • ‘Pound cheques and cheques or drafts drawn in other eurozone currencies should be lodged or cashed before February 9th.’
    • ‘The branches paid out their own notes and drafts when discounting, but they accepted local bank notes as payment.’
    • ‘The signed agreements will remain held in escrow until Neil receives the banker's draft.’
    • ‘Cheques and drafts are used internationally, but not extensively.’
  • 6British A single act of drinking or inhaling.

    ‘she downed the remaining beer in one draft’
    • ‘Danny accepts it with a grateful nod and drinks a long draught, trying to banish the shakes from his body.’
    • ‘She washed down the small gob of starch with a draft of spring water, grateful that her stomach would be pacified for an hour, long enough for sleep to come.’
    • ‘Then they gave him a groat, which he put in his pocket; a crust of bread, which he ate; and a full bowl of ale, which he drank off at a draught.’
    • ‘Drinking a gallon-bottle-full, at a draught, is said to be no uncommon feat: a mere boyish trick, which will not bear to be bragged of.’
    • ‘The doors swung open and Midori looked up, her eyes narrowing slightly. ‘Soldiers,’ she thought, finishing off her drink with a smooth draught.’
    • ‘He took a long draught of his beer, wiping foam from his mouth, as he absently eavesdropped on other people's conversations.’
    • ‘Donal made a show of taking a long draught of his drink.’
    • ‘He took a draught of his beer and thought for a short spell.’
    • ‘He ended, and emptied his tankard in a single draught.’
    • ‘Then, taking a deep breath, she tipped it back, swallowing the contents in one draught.’
    • ‘I took a long draught of the drink he had brought me at so high a price, looking at him over the rim of the glass.’
    • ‘He poured himself a drink and leaned back in his chair leisurely and took several long draughts.’
    • ‘Stooping down, he placed the cup into his father's shaky hands and watched him take a slow draught, dribbling the water down his stubbly, unshaven chin.’
    • ‘‘So,’ the dragon paused to take a draft of his drink, his red lips pursing as they passed over the lip of his mug.’
    • ‘He filled three cups from a large flask, passing them round and drinking a long draught from his own, before introducing himself as Seth.’
    1. 6.1 The amount swallowed or inhaled in a single act of drinking or inhaling.
      ‘he took deep drafts of oxygen into his lungs’
      • ‘She waited and I supposed I was expected to drink so I took a deep draught and could only just prevent myself from gagging.’
      • ‘She reached out and picked up the mug, taking a deep draught of it.’
      • ‘She shook her head and lifted the glass to her lips again, still holding Meg's drink down as she drew a long draught and set the cup back down.’
      • ‘He took another deep draught of the morning air and ducked back down into the shelter offered by the cabin.’
      • ‘Families were closely knit units a the time and grandmothers helped to make the boxty and potato cakes which were covered with freshly churned butter and eaten heartily and all washed down with draughts of hot strong tea.’
      • ‘‘You, sir, are a demon,’ she declared, taking a draught of the fiery liquid.’
      • ‘During his final year, while out walking on a hot day, he arrived at a well, and in the absence of anything stronger, downed copious draughts of cold water.’
      • ‘A concentration of ‘Class B’ cigarettes of that magnitude would have surely transformed me in that first deep draught of their gamma ray smoke.’
      • ‘‘Another groom, another failure,’ said Mr. Miller, taking a deep draught of beer.’
      • ‘Or, even better, if you're lounging in your personal plunge pool on the deck outside your room quite often a long grey trunk will siphon out a considerable draught as the elephants take a drink.’
      • ‘My lifeforce dwindles as she sips from the fountain of knowledge when she should be drinking in great drafts.’
      • ‘He produced a bottle of wine, took a deep draught, and burst into a heartfelt rendition of Je Ne Regrette Rien.’
      • ‘She unclasped a wineskin from her shoulder and drank a deep draught.’
      • ‘I raised the canteen again and this time took a deep draught.’
      • ‘‘Actually I would have preferred gold for a change,’ Matt said, downing a good draught of his beer, wearing a smile once more when he talked to his friend.’
      • ‘He saw them and sniffed a deep draught of air into his lungs.’
      • ‘He slowed, drawing a draught of brown-red liquid in a weather-proof seal-skin flask, the fire-drink warmed across his thirsty gullet.’
      • ‘He took a deep draught from his mug, setting it down empty.’
      • ‘Time to pull myself together, swig a good deep draught of Andrew's Liver Salts, and get cracking.’
      • ‘Ian's breathing becomes more and more ragged as he drags draught after draught of air deep into his lungs.’
  • 7British The depth of water needed to float a ship.

    ‘the shallow draft enabled her to get close to shore’
    • ‘Jackal, with the carronades stowed below, had a few nine-pounders and no advantage but a slightly shallower draft, and a captain who knew the local weather and currents.’
    • ‘Built for voyages across the Abyss Ocean, the huge galleon's deep draft requires it to be anchored far from the shore, nearly out of the protection of the bay.’
  • 8British The drawing in of a fishing net.

    1. 8.1 The fish taken at one drawing; a catch.
      • ‘Under regulations introduced last year, all wild salmon caught by rod and line anglers must bear a blue tag and those caught by draft nets a green tag.’


  • 1Prepare a preliminary version of (a text)

    ‘I drafted a letter of resignation’
    • ‘They were one of the earlier draft versions prepared by the Crown Prosecutor to assist the judge in putting the case before the jury in the summing up.’
    • ‘I attach hereto draft documents which I hope will form a satisfactory agreement in respect of services on the above Estate.’
    • ‘I am drafting this document just after completing a commercial novel of about a half-million words, and I enjoyed every one of them.’
    • ‘He does, however, warn against drafting the document oneself.’
    • ‘Some states will respect the different laws of the state where the document was drafted.’
    • ‘The delay is widely blamed on the prosecutors in his case, who have so far only prepared draft versions of their reports into each group member.’
    • ‘On the other, he was never officially involved in the council, never having been appointed to any of the commissions that did much of the work of drafting the eventual documents.’
    • ‘Those documents were generally drafted later and reflect social democratic ideas arising in the 19th century.’
    • ‘Half a century ago, a document was drafted that's still highly topical: a Universal Declaration of Human Rights.’
    • ‘In the rest of Italy, both clerics and laymen drafted documents, without any precise distinction of function or activity.’
    • ‘Administration officials tell CNN this 20-plus page document was actually drafted back in 2003.’
    • ‘The quotation documents were drafted using the quantities and units of measurement we estimated earlier.’
    • ‘The Assembly has already set up a 55-member committee to draft the document.’
    • ‘It is very difficult, I think, for those who draft the document at the end of the process to stand back and reread it with the eyes of the judges who will come to it completely afresh.’
    • ‘Nor have they established that, even leaving it until the last minute, he could not have drafted these documents and prepared them prior to the expiry of the four month period.’
    • ‘Cine and the WHO are drafting a document that will serve as a guide for researchers and communities in health research projects.’
    • ‘If he is the person who drafted the documents, I am afraid he has a very poor understanding of legal matters.’
    • ‘Your legal department should be able to draft a document called a nondisclosure agreement, or an NDA.’
    • ‘I go there to prepare speeches, or draft articles and letters.’
    • ‘The preliminary survey questionnaire was drafted on July 13, 1997.’
  • 2Select (a person or group of people) for a certain purpose.

    ‘he was drafted to help with the task force on best safety practices’
    • ‘I was supposed to go onto university when the lead of a musical, that was due to be staged by my old drama teacher, dropped out and I was drafted in.’
    • ‘Local people were drafted in as casual workers to clean up the contaminated factory.’
    • ‘Extra officers were drafted in from other US cities.’
    • ‘Hundreds of police officers were drafted in to monitor yesterday's march, which passed off peacefully with no arrests.’
    • ‘She was given so many flowers that three policewomen were drafted in to help the Queen's lady-in-waiting to carry them.’
    • ‘Taxi drivers were also drafted in to scour parts of Bolton.’
    • ‘It suggests senior teachers took classes, staff were drafted in from other schools and disruptive children were being taken out of lessons.’
    • ‘Extra police officers were drafted in to patrol a peace march after word of a rival, impromptu pro-war demonstration was circulated.’
    • ‘About 20 officers were drafted in - some from Bradford - to deal with the incident at 9.17 pm.’
    • ‘Security measures had been dramatically stepped up at Heathrow airport with extra police officers being drafted in from surrounding areas and forces.’
    • ‘I was drafted in from head office to ‘facilitate the streamlining of resources in middle management’.’
    • ‘More volunteers are drafted in just in time as the ferry spills out the first swell of festival-goers who immediately target our ticket office en-masse.’
    • ‘The first rescue attempt was made by a team of firemen, but the current was too strong, so by 6pm a specialist civil defence team were drafted in.’
    • ‘Dozens of extra officers were also drafted in from across the force, and senior officers even flew to the US to meet members of the FBI to help with the investigation.’
    • ‘Now she is quite happy to do the designing and planting, but when it comes to the heavy stuff I'm drafted in.’
    • ‘A month later union leaders were drafted in following fears the firm's wood mill was facing imminent closure, with more finished products being shipped in from abroad.’
    • ‘Extra staff were drafted in to cope with the demand.’
    • ‘Pupils who are able to turn up for lessons face disruption as stand-in teachers are drafted in to provide cover for staff members who are not able to start work.’
    • ‘A team of Hampshire police officers was drafted in last night as a murder investigation was launched.’
    • ‘Extra officers were drafted in from all over the county to cope with the gathering crowds.’
    1. 2.1US Conscript (someone) for military service.
      • ‘Unfortunately, two years later, he was drafted into the French military, and he lost his prime slot at the company.’
      • ‘The boys were about to be drafted into the military.’
      • ‘After two years there, he and other American Japanese male prisoners of the appropriate age were drafted for military service.’
      • ‘He was drafted into the Royal Army Service Corps shortly after and saw action throughout the war, including the D Day landings.’
      • ‘Unable to pay 20 gold napoleons for his stay, the poor man was thrown into debtor's prison before being drafted into service in the emperor's army.’
      • ‘Worse, so many doctors, scientists, and lab technicians had been drafted into military service that civilian operations were hamstrung.’
      • ‘As a youth he had no intention of pursuing a military career, but he was drafted into the revolutionary army in 1793.’
      • ‘However, the authorities had other ideas, and Chris was drafted into the Swedish Army for his National Service.’
      • ‘After graduating from high school, he was drafted into the Military Officer Training School.’
      • ‘At this point, I'll also note that he was drafted for military service in the Vietnam War.’
      • ‘A state effort to enlist new voters calls on people to make a choice between being drafted for military service or registering to vote.’
      • ‘However, in March 1916, he was drafted for military service to the Reserve Officers School near Sofia.’
      • ‘It's his homeworld and he says he lives in fear of being drafted back into their military yet again.’
      • ‘The Russian Czar, Peter the Great, devised the system in which young men were drafted to serve in the military for prolonged terms.’
      • ‘In Algeria, for example, men were drafted into service.’
      • ‘Attending college allowed him to avoid being drafted into the military.’
      • ‘After the main drummer from Machito's famous big band was drafted into the military, he was recruited to play drums and performed excellently.’
      • ‘Up until 1994, Honduras drafted children into its military.’
      • ‘Accordingly, in March 1863, Congress passed the Conscription Act to draft men into military service.’
      • ‘An army serial number must be assigned and issued to an Army or Navy inductee by a relevant military draft office on the day when he is drafted into service.’
    2. 2.2North American Select (a player) for a sports team through the draft.
      • ‘Is this the year the team drafts its future quarterback?’
      • ‘The Broncos will draft a quarterback but not in the first round.’
      • ‘He is a good athlete with a strong arm, but might not he back next year if the team drafts a quarterback.’
      • ‘The situation puts even more pressure on the team to draft a player who can have an immediate impact.’
      • ‘It hurts that most of these players were drafted by good teams and thus didn't get the opportunities to play that some of their peers did.’
      • ‘The team's four recently drafted rookies made positive first impressions in their summer league debuts.’
      • ‘The team might consider drafting a quarterback in the middle rounds for development purposes.’
      • ‘While it's impossible to know for sure before the player is drafted, the team can get a clear idea of how good he'll be almost as soon as he begins his NFL career.’
      • ‘Every football player dreams about being drafted by an NFL team.’
      • ‘Such are the expectations of highly drafted quarterbacks in the NFL these days.’
      • ‘Warner, meanwhile, must regain the confidence of his teammates… Don't be surprised if the team drafts a quarterback.’
      • ‘Look for the Chiefs to draft a developmental quarterback, perhaps even on the first day.’
      • ‘The team has made strong statements about drafting a quarterback, but those comments are deceptive.’
      • ‘I think drafting international players has proved to be successful for several NBA teams.’
      • ‘The Steelers also are likely to look at drafting another quarterback in 2004.’
      • ‘He doesn't seem willing to stay with the team as a transitional starter if it drafts a quarterback.’
      • ‘Picking the wrong agent can cost a player an opportunity to be drafted by some teams.’
      • ‘Even if the Broncos find a good free-agent backup, expect them to draft a quarterback.’
      • ‘The second player they selected was drafted three years ago - with the 1,000th pick.’
      • ‘The sole exception is if a younger player is drafted by an NBA team and later cut.’
  • 3Pull or draw.

  • 4Motorsports
    no object Benefit from reduced wind resistance by driving very closely behind another vehicle.

    • ‘But he found that as long as he left the pits behind a Plymouth and drafted Plymouths on the track, he could stay with the front-runners.’
    • ‘I was most impressed by the discussion of whether the rider in front ALSO benefits from another rider drafting behind them.’
    • ‘During the week, NASCAR announced a stronger stance against bump drafting and aggressive driving, effective immediately.’
    • ‘So long as two racers stay together in a partnership, they can catch up to or pull away from equivalent cars that are not drafting, and keep pace with rivals who are already in line.’
    • ‘So which ever discipline you are going to try and use to pass a guy whether its draft along behind and try to pull out and get him or you're going to try to out-handle him down in turns three and four it provides for a unique race.’
    • ‘‘It's hard to draft, to sit behind someone,’ says Sinden Racing driver Ed Carpenter.’
    • ‘We did get behind one guy out there, the 24 car, drafting right behind him, and it didn't bother me, so to speak.’


  • 1Denoting beer or other drink that is kept in and served from a barrel or tank rather than from a bottle or can.

    ‘draft beer’
    • ‘Music was playing, children ran through fountains of water, beer-lovers stood in enormous lines for draft beer.’
    • ‘‘There is some movement out there to serve what I would call colder draft beer,’ he says.’
    • ‘The pint glass is used for draft beer in addition to being served chilled with bottled beer.’
    • ‘A leading cause of this is that many bartenders don't know how to properly pour draft beer.’
    • ‘Operations that depend on draft beer sales to remain financially viable should also consider investing in a draft beer control system.’
    • ‘The ground floor holds a dank cybercafé that doubles as a bar, the only public place in Kabul to get draft beer.’
    • ‘Guests receive coupons good for two free well drinks, a draft beer or house wine.’
    • ‘Among the most recent significant advances in beer technology has been the use of nitrogen and CO2 as a push, or to dispense, gas with draft beer.’
    • ‘He reported this tale during his therapy hour at a cheap tavern where we drank draft beer for 35 cents a glass.’
    • ‘They are free for the price of a cup of coffee or a draft beer.’
    • ‘When it comes to the beverage side of the business, establishments need to account for open bottles of liquor and wine and for the amount of beer in its draft system.’
    • ‘Always drink with people you like, stick to one type of drink and avoid draft beer like the plague because you don't know what horrors lay waiting in those tap lines.’
    • ‘I have no problem spending $5 for a draft beer at a tavern, but for some reason I won't spend half that much for a package of sponges.’
    • ‘We've doubled our draft specialists to explain the beer and the draft idea to retailers.’
    • ‘If you are serving draft beer be sure to include a system that enables you to lock-off the taps.’
    • ‘For $20 you get ‘all you can create on a plate’ and all the draft beer and house wine you care to drink.’
    • ‘As soon as the keg is nearly empty and begins to blow, the stopper clamps down and keeps the draft line full of beer.’
    • ‘That means including locally made beers in the draft line-up and tending the lines carefully.’
    • ‘‘There is a lot of talk about stainless steel for use in draft beer systems,’ he says.’
    • ‘The café-bar served good draft beer that never spilled as we raced through hill and vale.’
  • 2Denoting an animal used for pulling heavy loads.

    ‘draft oxen’
    • ‘Teams of hostlers joined the train's drovers to unhitch the draft animals.’
    • ‘Adverse weather and road conditions aside, there was a severe shortage of draft animals to power this final stage of the corn delivery.’
    • ‘This is intimate agriculture, shaped by hand and draft animal.’
    • ‘When England passed a law in 1856 forbidding the use of dogs for draft work, British interest in the greater St. John's lessened.’
    • ‘Others soon recognized the talents of the bouvier and adopted it for several tasks, including general livestock work, turning milk churns and work as a draft dog.’
    • ‘They are used in many parts of the world to guard flocks of sheep and are handy to have around the farm as draft animals.’
    • ‘Here she loaded 539 draft reindeer, 418 sledges, and 511 sets of harness.’
    • ‘Due to a lack of draft animals, maize, cassava, groundnuts and pumpkin are planted in holes dug by farmers, rather than in furrows.’
    • ‘Even more ominous was the lack of grass for the draft animals and periodic sightings of signal fires lit by warriors who monitored the army's progress.’
    • ‘The men plow and deal with draft animals, while women tend to be responsible for pigs and poultry and vegetable gardens.’
    • ‘These dogs traveled with the Roman armies, for whom they served as guards, protectors and draft dogs.’
    • ‘In addition to a scarcity of wagons, the South also was short of draft animals.’
    • ‘This is partly because neither fertilizers (besides ash) nor a great number of draft animals are necessarily needed.’
    • ‘A maze of flimsy wooden draft animal pens was scattered about, leaving a path of least resistance through the center of the enormous room.’


  • on draft

    • (of beer or other drink) on tap; ready to be drawn from a barrel or tank; not bottled or canned.

      • ‘Our policy is that you are welcome to have a taste of anything on draft.’
      • ‘It has served a Belgium raspberry-flavored beer, on draft since it opened three years ago.’
      • ‘He recently served it on draft for the first time anywhere in America, and is selling about nineteen 20-liter kegs of it a week.’
      • ‘‘The top four brands we have to sell on draft,’ agreed Johnson.’
      • ‘This beer on draft sells three to one [more than other beers],’ he said.’
      • ‘It sticks out like a sore thumb in this market: black, nitro-driven, fiercely ethnic, bitter, and noticeably different beers in bottle and on draft.’
      • ‘Last year the owner put on a beer dinner that featured 12 lambics, over half of them on draft, that a guest praised as ‘unprecedented.’’
      • ‘And, of course, many, many ‘malternatives,’ from hard lemonade served on draft to a malt beverage meant to taste like root beer.’
      • ‘This could win converts among consumers who prefer to drink beer straight from the bottle, and in nightclubs that only offer beer in bottles rather than in a glass or on draft.’
      • ‘I asked a partner in the hottest beer bar in Philadelphia why his bar serves beer only on draft.’
      • ‘With a character somewhat akin to that of a high-gravity, herbal pale ale, the White is also the sole ale of this kind available on draft in the U.S.’
      • ‘To promote the bottled beers, however, most of which are more eclectic beers not available on draft, Black purchased a display cooler to show people what the pub has.’


Mid 16th century: phonetic spelling of draught.