Definition of doze in English:



  • 1Sleep lightly.

    ‘he found his mother dozing by the fire’
    • ‘I allowed myself to take some pleasure from the contact of the cloth on my arm, and dozed lightly.’
    • ‘Closing her eyes, Geneva nearly dozed to sleep until a sharp knock on the door awakened her.’
    • ‘He dozed lightly in a rickety wooden chair tilted precariously back on the far stable wall.’
    • ‘Next came dinner, followed by a walk or a game, another snack, then back to work while I dozed by the fire.’
    • ‘Kayley was dozing when the flap of the tent rustled lightly as someone entered her tent.’
    • ‘She was dozing lightly when there was a nock on her door, jolted from her sleep she went to the door and opened it a crack.’
    • ‘Afraid he'd sneak up on her while she slept, she dozed, a part of her alert to every sound.’
    • ‘He had asked to be kept updated during the night as he dozed lightly in his room.’
    • ‘The bar had been slow after about ten that night, and Frankie had slumped over, dozing lightly.’
    • ‘The dancing became more frantic, the lounges filled while people rested and dozed.’
    • ‘I spent the rest of the evening dozing with my head on Angel's shoulder.’
    • ‘Instead, he watched her sleep and dozed fitfully thinking about her and what to do next.’
    • ‘Several police officers sat dozing, lightly interspersed amongst the scuffed and beaten seats.’
    • ‘Half the air traffic controllers are off sick and the rest are dozing.’
    • ‘It wasn't long before he drifted off to sleep, dozing peacefully like a little angel.’
    • ‘I dozed lightly, the sound of her voice and her strokes in my hair and over my neck pulling me gently into a place that seemed very much like heaven.’
    • ‘Having slept poorly the previous evening, I was dozing below decks.’
    • ‘The lions, mostly dozing in the sun, were more of an anti-climax.’
    • ‘She cried herself to sleep then, though she only dozed for a few hours.’
    • ‘The darkness was starting to lighten before she dozed, then slept fitfully, tossing and turning.’
    catnap, nap, take a nap, take a siesta, sleep lightly, drowse, rest
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    1. 1.1doze off Fall lightly asleep.
      ‘I dozed off for a few seconds’
      • ‘She felt herself dozing off and was asleep in a few minutes.’
      • ‘We are not talking about the hordes of migrant workers dozing off in the gutters on sweltering street corners, but about the ubiquitous parasol.’
      • ‘Just as I was dozing off, scrambled eggs nestling comfortably in my tummy and my brain relaxing into a deep and beautiful slumber, my sister called.’
      • ‘I wait until her breathing slows and she is definitely asleep before I doze off myself.’
      • ‘It's a muggy afternoon here, a rare thing in this part of the country, so I found myself dozing off.’
      • ‘She started to doze off but a loud crash was heard from downstairs, startling her awake.’
      • ‘While counting, I resist the temptation to fall asleep, but eventually, I doze off.’
      • ‘I was dozing off when a young couple came clattering up the aisle, they couldn't have been more than 14.’
      • ‘Mr Barrett was dozing off but was startled awake by the loud bang.’
      • ‘Samuel smiled and wrapped his arms around her as he too dozed off and fell asleep.’
      • ‘So, whether you're in the mood for dozing off, or feel like punching your name in drywall, there's a tune suitable for every temperament.’
      • ‘The idea of a car automatically detecting that the driver is dozing off (and vibrating the seat to avert disaster) is astonishing.’
      • ‘She knew the other two were tired, and let them sprawl on the couch, Mark fell asleep and even Isaac dozed off.’
      • ‘After finishing the heap of homework I had, I let myself fall into bed, dozing off the moment my head hit the soft feathered pillow.’
      • ‘I stayed with her until she fell asleep but at that point, I ended up dozing off as well.’
      • ‘After a few minutes of dozing off, Rebecca falls into a deep sleep.’
      • ‘Finally feeling safe enough to rest his eyes, Specter let his head fall back onto his pillow and he found himself dozing off.’
      • ‘She started to doze off and was about to fall over when Chris quickly ran to her and caught her.’
      • ‘I figured I had just dozed off in one of my classes and must have fallen out of the desk and hit my head on something.’
      • ‘Currently, police spend much of the time on a stakeout engaged in idle conversation, eating fattening foods and dozing off.’
      fall asleep, go to sleep, drop off, get to sleep
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  • A short, light sleep.

    • ‘He slowly closed his eyes and drifted off into a light doze.’
    • ‘He had slipped into an uneasy doze in the chill light before dawn when a long, wild cry split the air around him.’
    • ‘Chimes took her out of her short doze and she leaned out of the bath as she realized that it was time for her to go.’
    • ‘He pondered over these questions again and again, not finding the answers before he fell into a light doze sitting upright.’
    • ‘His eyes fell shut as he drifted off into a light doze, waiting for nightfall.’
    • ‘The boy had fallen into a light doze, and the pressure certainly got him up.’
    • ‘After scanning their surroundings one last time, Jim allowed himself to drift into a light doze.’
    • ‘And even then, it was more of a doze than a sleep, so I woke up when I heard the front door shut at 5: 30.’
    • ‘I was in the middle of a light doze (for some reason, deeper sleep was escaping me) when I hear a scraping noise.’
    • ‘As the minutes passed, she fell into a light doze.’
    • ‘Jerking up from a light doze for the fifth time in about twenty minutes, he rummaged around inside a nearby desk for something to keep him awake.’
    • ‘Jon sighed, and leaned back as a light doze overtook him.… Seven years ago, when Dïen was eleven, she started to ask for a psychiatrist.’
    • ‘Miles away, in the depths of space, Orion jerked out of a light doze, one hand slamming against the side of his space capsule.’
    • ‘With her thoughts on the interview she'd have to give sometime this week, the tension seeped out of her body, and she slipped into a light doze.’
    • ‘He smiled looking up at the sky before drifting off into a light doze.’
    • ‘Two hours later she woke from a light doze, alerted by the sound of footsteps outside the small, square, white-walled room.’
    • ‘The wind in my face was so cool and soothing I fell into a light doze.’
    • ‘Shortly after she had fallen into a light doze, there was a knock at the door.’
    • ‘The raindrops soon lulled her into a light doze, though she heard the sounds of a growing storm outside.’
    • ‘Watching the boy toss, turn and slip in and out of a light doze, Laras wondered if he wasn't somehow picking up on his father's tension and frustration in some subtle way.’
    catnap, nap, siesta, light sleep, drowse, rest
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Mid 17th century (in the sense ‘stupefy, bewilder, or make drowsy’): perhaps related to Danish døse ‘make drowsy’.