Definition of dowry death in US English:

dowry death


  • (in South Asia) the murder or suicide of a married woman caused by a dispute over her dowry.

    • ‘There were 512 dowry deaths in 23 cities across India in 2000.’
    • ‘He is pained by every report of dowry death in newspapers wherever he is located and feels that his mission is incomplete.’
    • ‘It is well recognised that in crimes such as rape, molestation, dowry deaths, kidnapping and so on, victims would be more forthcoming if questioned by women police.’
    • ‘Whether it is honour killings, dowry deaths or defacement, the motivation is identical - the desire to assert power, full control, over another person.’
    • ‘We talk of the numbers of victims - so many rapes per day, so many dowry deaths in a year, so many cases of female infanticide, instead of citing statistics about the perpetrators of these crimes.’