Definition of downslope in US English:



  • A downward slope.

    • ‘And he did it when his career was on the downslope, after spending parts of six seasons in the majors with the Philadelphia A's and Cleveland Indians between 1922 and 1929.’
    • ‘But the downslope also provided the opportunity for a daylight basement.’
    • ‘It came out straight left into a bunker, finishing on a downslope with the pin tight left.’
    • ‘Still, what is he to do on the downslope of a great career?’
    • ‘The downslopes - the ends of careers - are usually never pretty for anybody.’
    • ‘They - the two fighters he faced who could be considered ‘great’ - were both on the downslope of their careers when they stepped into the ring with him.’
    • ‘He seemed totally in control of his game and cruising to a 67 when his tee shot to the short 17th finished on the back downslope of a bunker.’
    • ‘A sixty-pound fine for being in the wrong gear on a downslope is a bit harsh in anyone's books.’
    • ‘Early glottic closure is seen as an abrupt cessation of flow during expiration, visible as a sharp downslope on the expiratory flow volume curve.’
    • ‘That place on the downslope of the ridgepole looks like it needs replacing.’
    • ‘One of the best ways to do this is to practice on a downslope.’
    • ‘If it drifts right, you'll catch a downslope, and roll down to about 220 out.’
    • ‘Then, back on the downslope of the curve, you get treatments that are cheaper and more effective (antibiotics for TB).’
    • ‘The larger macropores may extend for long distances, as water erodes and enlarges the segments that run downslopes.’
    • ‘Some trees surrounded them on the downslope, but otherwise it was an open field.’
    • ‘Turn it down to low and you're speeding down a long downslope, your imaginary wheels ‘spinning’ (hence the name).’
    • ‘The prevalent approach is to walk forward a few steps from the tee, which is about two feet above the water, and drop a ball on the downslope of the hazard bank.’
    • ‘The moss-covered stones on the downslope were a bit slippery, making me watch where I put my feet.’
    • ‘Instead he released a car containing her, which was on the preceding downslope.’
    • ‘On the downslope from the foreboding metal fence of the Camarones del Sur shrimp farm, known as Camarsa, a few fisherman stand half-submerged in the shallow waters.’
    gradient, incline, angle, slant, inclination, pitch, decline, ascent, declivity, acclivity, rise, fall, downward, upward, upslope, ramp, rake, tilt, tip, dip, camber, cant, bevel
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adjective & adverb

  • At or toward a lower point on a slope.

    • ‘However the following summer it was clear that the area downslope of the weir had been eroded and an engineer's report confirmed that work was necessary.’
    • ‘Regular rock lined runways are set into the hillside, providing a route for water moving downslope to reach the pond without making new gullies.’
    • ‘As your balance and coordination improve, set goals like eyeballing a tree 100 yards downslope and making 20 turns on the way to it.’
    • ‘Along the edge of the forest, still far away and tiny, their horses, a black gelding and a dappled gray mare, picked their way downslope, followed by a string of mules.’
    • ‘Several crews were downslope, strung out along the creeping line of black, and several more crews had just landed at the helispot on the ridge and were waiting for orders to proceed.’
    • ‘This population is immediately surrounded by small, isolated peripheral subpopulations downslope and away from the trail.’
    • ‘Capture rates in lowland habitats were much higher during the wet season than during the dry season, reflecting the timing of movements downslope and back to breeding grounds at higher elevations.’
    • ‘He cranks his uphill repeat, turns, and pads downslope for his final two-minute gasper.’
    • ‘Once you clear the Continental Divide, about an hour from Golden, the Keystone Ranch is just a few miles downslope.’
    • ‘High-elevation nesters usually move downslope after the breeding season.’
    • ‘Then they strap into their bindings, point their boards downslope, and ride.’
    • ‘That portion of the hillslope over which return flow emerges is saturated, so any rain failing on to it is unable to penetrate the surface and also flows downslope.’
    • ‘As quietly as possible in such rocky terrain, we moved downslope so as to avoid appearing above the sheep - a sure way to spook an animal whose survival depends on climbing higher than any pursuer.’
    • ‘In both cases, the steepness of the slope tended to encourage the equipment to drift downslope, although much less for the static slicing method.’
    • ‘During the afternoon the fracture system resumed propagating downslope and bent to the SE, describing an arc that followed the morphology of the Valle del Leone edge.’
    • ‘Metal borders located downslope from the plots collect the runoff and direct it into gutters that empty into a plastic bottle.’
    • ‘I was reminded today, while concentrating more intently on mastering turns than not mowing pedestrians down, of my realization when I learnt skiing that I wouldn't want to be downslope from me.’
    • ‘Most of these small and delicate bioclasts were probably produced on the slope itself and underwent only short displacement downslope, if any, before burial.’
    • ‘Gasping, Joshua stumbled into the driving snow, slogging through the drifts downslope toward the forest and the Dogs, his legs already numb with the chill.’
    • ‘They brought in 1/2 yard of planting mix, hauling it downslope in 5-gallon buckets - backbreaking work, but it paid off.’