Definition of downsize in US English:



[with object]North American
  • 1Make (something) smaller.

    ‘I downsized the rear wheel to 26 inches’
    • ‘And if that is true then why not admit that Botoxing a wrinkled brow or downsizing a large nose, while cosmetic, may be reasonable choices for some to make as well.’
    • ‘‘We downsized our house and trimmed our needs so we don't need the higher income at all, ‘she says.’’
    • ‘It implies that flexibility is much more important than downsizing expectations.’
    • ‘Company car drivers are beginning to downsize their cars to reduce Benefit-in-Kind liability, according to Lex Vehicle Leasing.’
    • ‘In Louisiana, coastal land loss is literally downsizing the state's coast.’
    • ‘I downsized it and cropped it slightly to create desktops for both macs (including a tibook size) and PCs here.’
    • ‘These days, most Internet start-ups are hoarding their cash and downsizing their dreams.’
    • ‘An option being seriously considered by most vehicle manufacturers is downsizing the engine as that offers significant advantages with respect to fuel consumption and emissions.’
    • ‘Following rivals P&G and Colgate-Palmolive, which downsized some powder detergent brands last year, Unilever will scale down its Wisk and powder starting in July.’
    • ‘I've downsized my office furniture, even though the desk makes me feel smaller.’
    • ‘Also unlike a hybrid, this system would bring back the bank of batteries used in EVs, but greatly downsize it to reduce cost and weight and increase usable packaging space.’
    • ‘So taking equity out of the house when you retire and downsizing your lifestyle is a problem.’
    • ‘But one big vendor, GE Capital, is downsizing its wager by taking back some of the planes it has leased to both carriers.’
    • ‘OEMs have the option of downsizing their current starter motors, or using a more frequent stop/start schedule with their current designs.’
    • ‘The cost savings associated with downsizing the chilled water plant capacity was amplified because the emergency generators were likewise reduced in capacity.’
    • ‘You also get some benefit from downsizing the engine and making it a little more efficient, but you lose towing capacity.’
    • ‘Saw a preview for the Lone Gunman that made me wince, hard; perhaps I had better start downsizing my expectations there as well.’
    • ‘The moving specialists' first task is to help the seniors downsize their belongings so they can fit into, say, a retirement-center efficiency or a one-bedroom apartment.’
    • ‘This approach will make it possible to reduce the overall consumption of missiles during firing, downsize the impact zone and give a chance to use more efficiently the zone's depth.’
    • ‘If you're downsizing the time you'll be together, you all better schedule a restructuring meeting.’
    reduce, cut, cut down, decrease, lessen, retrench, trim, prune, slim down, scale down, salami-slice
    reduce, cut back on, cut down on, decrease, lessen, retrench, diminish, trim, prune, slim down, ease up on
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    1. 1.1 Make (a company or organization) smaller by eliminating staff positions.
      • ‘However, the sales and marketing director was unequivocal in saying that there were no plans to downsize the Wiltshire operation.’
      • ‘After being downsized from her last corporate job, she decided to become her own boss.’
      • ‘As part of the restructure, Southcorp is downsizing its Hunter Valley operations, including the closure of a Rosemount bottling plant at Denman.’
      • ‘In March 2004, the company announced plans to refit 50 stores and downsize its Big W chain to increase profits.’
      • ‘Most of them are downsizing the workforce, sending our jobs abroad, reducing work here to temporary and part-time status and holding wages down.’
      • ‘When Standard Chartered Nakathorn Bank wanted to downsize its 68-branch Bangkok network last year, it looked to the sky for clues about which offices to shutter.’
      • ‘I got a degree in networking from NYU and worked at a French bank in mid-town until 2001 when they downsized their IT department.’
      • ‘The high level of automation of missile preparation and launches helped rationalize alert duty missions and downsize alert crews.’
      • ‘This came about following a decision by the company to downsize the Carlow plant as one of its product lines was being moved to China.’
      • ‘They were expressing their concern at the company's announcement that Dundalk Packaging is to close and Dundalk Brewery will be downsized.’
      • ‘The three counties regiment is one of those under threat as a result of continuing defence cuts and plans to downsize the Army.’
      • ‘After two days of staff meetings, the Government Reform Committee finished its preliminary blueprint for downsizing the Cabinet.’
      • ‘The major point in the contract is that the employees who will be downsized three years before their retirement age will receive a 9-wage severance package.’
      • ‘Given the growing number of failing establishments that were downsizing their labor forces, the timing was not right to shove a wage increase (even if a small one) down the throat of business.’
      • ‘The following morning, ScottishPower announced a £60m restructuring to downsize the company after the sale of PacifiCorp, including the board reshuffle.’
      • ‘It is also necessary to downsize the Central and State Governments.’
      • ‘But I guess it's not so different from a CEO downsizing the auditing department.’
      • ‘The draft of the Executive Yuan Organization Act would downsize the Cabinet from the current 35 administrative entities to 23, plus four independent institutions.’
      • ‘He was telling me how his employer was sending around a survey to find out what tasks people were spending time on at work, all for the purpose of efficiency and downsizing the workforce.’
      • ‘We might have to trim and downsize our ministry.’
    2. 1.2no object (of a company) eliminate staff positions.
      ‘recession forced many companies to downsize’
      • ‘‘When all those companies were downsizing, we never missed a week of work,’ he adds.’
      • ‘And while we are at it don't forget the employees at Shaw's who were also laid off as that company downsizes until its Tullow Street headquarters have been rebuilt - or those at Celtic Linen.’
      • ‘Consequently, in the bid for competitive advantage, organizations have downsized, restructured, merged or acquired.’
      • ‘With companies busy downsizing - oops, rightsizing is the politically correct word - dressing down has become the order of the day.’
      • ‘He said that increasingly, smaller businesses are coming to dominate economies as big companies downsize and outsource, leading to opportunities and a myriad of small suppliers.’
      • ‘And while many Western companies are downsizing at home, they are boosting hiring at their own labs in India, China, and Eastern Europe.’
      • ‘Many companies are downsizing, reducing layers of management, and automating routine jobs.’
      • ‘Companies are downsizing and closing, leaving workers vulnerable to poverty.’
      • ‘Companies downsize, relocate and collapse all the time.’
      • ‘Many Irish companies are downsizing, and the attraction and retention of the best and most efficient workers available has become a key issue for many employers.’
      • ‘Does this mean that a research organization cannot downsize and still remain productive?’
      • ‘However, as the political sphere is itself downsized and privatized, the state system is left with fewer tools, outside of increased repression, to handle disorder.’
      • ‘Employment at Shannon Free Zone reduced by 6% to 7,373 at the end of 2002 with many companies downsizing due to the global economic downturn.’
      • ‘‘A lot of companies are downsizing and they're taking up a lot of our space at the moment,’ she said.’
      • ‘In reality, these factors rarely offset increased costs, which can force unprepared organizations to downsize or even fold.’
      • ‘Libraries, too, have experienced fiscal challenges that have forced them to downsize and restructure their organizations.’
      • ‘Companies downsized, diversified, and increased their exposure to export markets.’
      • ‘With many big companies downsizing, it's a great time for small biz to grab prime office space at reduced prices’
      • ‘If your company is downsizing, rather than succumbing to panic, redo your resume take a course, put out job feelers.’
      • ‘Those who are no longer essential to the main program - the flawed programs - are downsized and discarded.’