Definition of downriver in US English:


adjective & adverb

  • Toward or situated at a point nearer the mouth of a river.

    as adverb ‘the cabin cruiser started to drift downriver’
    as adjective ‘the downriver side of the bridge’
    • ‘The Yangtze flood crest will roll on downriver toward Wuhan, a city of more than 7 million people already working frantically to shore up its defenses.’
    • ‘Realizing it was impossible to scout the inaccessible stretches and unknown features downriver, he made the difficult but prudent decision to end the expedition.’
    • ‘Some minor relief measures have been undertaken downriver of Carlow and these have made a difference.’
    • ‘The Riverfront line is too short in comparison - you expect it to go further downriver, at least towards the Crescent City Connection Bridge.’
    • ‘As the sun came out, long after the anti-European convoy had passed downriver (strangely, towards continental Europe), a loudhailer bus could be heard ranting about the British National Party.’
    • ‘I'll do one last recon farther downriver before we commit ourselves.’
    • ‘Now water levels in lakes downriver are shrinking.’
    • ‘Drainage and building work upriver leads to flooded houses downriver - just ask them in Clonmel!’
    • ‘The only solution was to submerge in the brown waters of the Amazon River and wait for a riverboat to take you downriver again.’
    • ‘One of the airmen landed in the river still in his ejector seat but was able to deploy his dinghy, while the other drifted off downriver.’
    • ‘Sailing south, the ship docked on the River Foyle, a few miles downriver from Londonderry, Northern Ireland's largest city after Belfast.’
    • ‘As his body floats in a boat downriver toward Lyon all the bells of the region miraculously begin to sound.’
    • ‘Kitted out with helmets, wetsuits, buoyancy aids and paddles, our team piles into two inflatable rafts, drifting gently downriver.’
    • ‘There would be a reverse tide, flowing up the river equally as fast as the normal downriver flow.’
    • ‘It's just sending the problem somewhere else further downriver.’
    • ‘The second transit bridge I made mention of would cross on the downriver side of the Arthur Laing Bridge, and will likely link to it for co-stabilization and reduction in costs.’
    • ‘Men with short back and sides dressed in gleaming white singlets and shorts set off downriver while a little coxswain in a cap urges them on.’
    • ‘Anyway, the Deusto skatepark is just across the river and a little bit downriver from the Guggenheim.’
    • ‘The surface of the Qingshui River used to be covered from bank to bank with fir trees which were being floated downriver to ports along the Yangtze River and then transported overland to Beijing, Nanjing and Xi'an.’
    • ‘As Len and I continue downriver, he checks his voice mail - in my mind, often; in his mind, occasionally - and, thankfully, it's always empty of bad news.’