Definition of downpour in English:



  • A heavy rainfall.

    ‘a sudden downpour had filled the gutters and drains’
    • ‘Canyons fill up very quickly after a heavy downpour, although flash floods are not that common.’
    • ‘But newly hatched chicks had to endure unseasonably cold air temperatures with frequent heavy downpours of rain for much of June.’
    • ‘Eastern Nebraska counties continue to show the benefits of heavy downpours since mid-June.’
    • ‘On past experience this heatwave will end with a torrential downpour or a major thunderstorm, or both.’
    • ‘Quick downpours from summer thunderstorms can cause flash floods anywhere.’
    • ‘Every time there is a heavy downpour the garden fills up with raw sewage and floodwater because of inadequate drains up the road.’
    • ‘Such activity frequently leads to heavy downpours and incidence of hail.’
    • ‘Closer to home, in England's West Country, a man woke with a start when he found a deer lurking in his bedroom after a night of heavy downpours and gale force winds.’
    • ‘Some supercells produce little rain, others, downpours that can cause flash floods.’
    • ‘We worked hard through droughts and downpours and no longer walked down to the far hayfield to dream.’
    • ‘Even in thunderstorms and downpours the game continued, sometimes with just a brief break to allow the rain water to drain away.’
    • ‘During heavy monsoon downpours, the bunds naturally breached causing silt formation in tanks.’
    • ‘Rain falls in sharp downpours, however, and doesn't preclude year-round tourism.’
    • ‘The collapse occurred in the heavy downpours that marked the last two rainy seasons.’
    • ‘We've been having some turbulent weather - torrential downpours and thunderstorms.’
    • ‘The scorching summer heat, heavy downpours, or chilly winters cannot dampen their spirits.’
    • ‘Weather conditions were not kind to lake anglers this week with heavy downpours of rain accompanied by varying winds and gales at times.’
    • ‘Unless they are speedily replaced, the road is liable to be interrupted in the first heavy downpours of the rainy season.’
    • ‘The western regions of the vast central African nation have been deluged by heavy downpours as the rainy season gets into full swing.’
    • ‘One of the major reasons for the, often, very heavy showers and downpours that characterise April is the position of the jet stream.’
    rainstorm, cloudburst, torrent of rain, deluge
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