Definition of down cold in US English:

down cold


North American
  • Memorized or mastered perfectly.

    ‘a guy who has his art history down cold’
    • ‘He's got that curmudgeonly Elder Statesman role down pat.’
    • ‘Dion, too, has her routine down pat, leaving her house about 5pm, taking the stage about 8: 30, finishing around 10 and arriving home as early as 11.’
    • ‘No-one could really expect us to have it all down pat before we've even set the scene.’
    • ‘I get the routine down pat, so I'm free to concentrate on what really matters - comedy.’
    • ‘He's got the whole ‘rebel without a cause’ look down pat.’
    • ‘He has the glib huckster's speech patterns down pat, but his arguments are utter nonsense.’
    • ‘The night's star was unquestionably Nadia Turner, who had both the look and the voice down pat.’
    • ‘They have the programming and sounds of 1979-81 down pat but they mostly avoid the pop engagement that was a central part of the records Phil Oakey or Giorgio Moroder or even Kraftwerk were making at the time.’
    • ‘The screen roles, home videos, interviews and biographies all helped Rush to get the physical mannerisms down pat, and to recreate some of the iconic moments from The Pink Panther and Dr Strangelove.’
    • ‘James Garner has the friendly Western character down pat from his ‘Maverick’ days, but is playing even more tongue in cheek here.’