Definition of dowel in English:



  • A peg of wood, metal, or plastic without a distinct head, used for holding together components of a structure.

    • ‘For hanging table linens, dowels bolted onto the back walls or mounted on a frame bolted to the sides or bottom of pantries, closets or cabinets make linens easily accessible while minimizing creases and fold lines.’
    • ‘When the glue has dried, trim the dowel off flush with the cabinet, drill a small pilot hole into the end of the dowel, and reinstall the door with the original screws.’
    • ‘From the dowel rod attach enough heavy fabric to make a privacy screen around where your guest will camp out.’
    • ‘Instead it's all held together with dowels and pegs.’
    • ‘This happens when subbases are not fully compacted, so load transfer dowels (smooth bars) are used to span across joints to provide continuity that accommodates the rolling loads.’
    • ‘A rambling collection of old log buildings put together with wood dowels, the Gakona Lodge and Trading Post dates back to 1904 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.’
    • ‘The engineer required three horizontal bars with vertical dowels at 24 inches on center.’
    • ‘To ingrain the proper move, set up a practice station in your back yard as I've done here: Stick a dowel or old golf shaft in the ground so it's next to your right hip when you're in your address position.’
    • ‘Five or six head staves are fitted together with wooden dowels or stainless steel gudgeons (headless nails) Then the head is cut to size, usually slightly oval in shape.’
    • ‘Dab a little wood glue into the hole, insert the dowel, and drive a 5/8-inch or 3/4-inch screw through the back of the wood to secure the dowel.’
    • ‘Put wood glue on the stiles, rails, dowels, and the dowel holes.’
    • ‘Buy a flat sheet, cut a slit on each side of the top hem and slide a dowel rod through it.’
    • ‘The grout anchors bolts, dowels, and reinforcing bars, and patches and caulks concrete block.’
    • ‘Now I had about 5/8 of an inch of the dowels sticking out past the bottoms of the frames.’
    • ‘Glue the dowels and the edges of the outer frame pieces together.’
    • ‘Supercolumns are connected to concrete foundations through reinforcing dowels set into drilled shafts.’
    • ‘Wood dowels work better to keep the laminate from sticking to the cemented counter surface than brown par when laying the counter top.’
    • ‘One of the best ways is to attach the legs to the rails by using dowels because of their strength.’
    • ‘Yet they were only partly assembled - fitted together using dowels and tongue-in-groove joints - and their loose branches were propped against the wall.’
    • ‘A 1-inch-deep and 2-to 3-inch-wide keyway is finished into the top of the footer, dowels projecting up from its center line.’


  • Fasten with a dowel or dowels.

    • ‘The logs are cut to specification in Finland and then dowelled together on site to form an amazing design feature both internally and externally.’
    • ‘In total, about ten miles of 150-foot FRP rods were dowelled into the shared silo walls and embedded in epoxy adhesive.’
    • ‘If you do not dowel the top the joints will separate and warp over time.’
    • ‘Its seat is comprised of tongue-and-groove pieces, while the leg stretchers are doweled into place.’
    • ‘Turned feet were doweled into blocks glued to the case, with the dowels frequently extending into the case itself.’


Middle English: perhaps from Middle Low German dovel.