Definition of doubtless in US English:



  • 1sentence adverb Used to indicate the speaker's belief that a statement is certain to be true given what is known about the situation.

    ‘the company would doubtless find the reduced competition to their liking’
    • ‘He remains, of course, a member of the town council and doubtless he will continue to make his presence felt in the town.’
    • ‘The teenage appeal doubtless springs from the fact that all of the boys are pretty easy on the eye, but that's as far as the similarities go.’
    • ‘The channels will doubtless turn around and ask, where are the audiences?’
    • ‘Other versions of that story will doubtless appear before long.’
    • ‘The Met is doubtless reorganizing and retooling to deal with those budget shortfalls.’
    • ‘Divorce lawyers would doubtless still be secure in their jobs.’
    • ‘So the two million of you who bought the last Scenic will doubtless be feeling very embarrassed indeed as this point.’
    • ‘When an agent is aware that there are certain things he is not free to do, this doubtless affects his desires and limits the range of choices he can make.’
    • ‘Of course, any land that is valuable today was doubtless once worthless.’
    • ‘There is also the story of the birth of the modern marathon, which will doubtless be trotted out in the next fortnight.’
    • ‘And while it doubtless was not cheap, if it gives these people some peace of mind, it will have been money well spent.’
    • ‘But publishers will doubtless exploit Lulu and similar sites to scout for their own future bestsellers.’
    • ‘They will obviously use most of it to clear their debts but he will doubtless be seeking some to strengthen his squad.’
    • ‘Bog Walk Gorge is a special place indeed, full of memories for me and doubtless for many other Jamaicans.’
    • ‘One can debate endlessly the validity of his choice, as indeed the author doubtless did before he settled on his 10.’
    • ‘The keyboard is too far away, because of making room for the mousepad and, doubtless, a great deal of inscrutable hardware.’
    • ‘This evening we begin what will doubtless fail to become a regular feature, much as similar bright ideas have fizzled before them.’
    • ‘Lawyers acting for the actual Taj Mahal, in Delhi, are doubtless contemplating an action for defamation.’
    • ‘The Jagran reader's valuation will doubtless be reassessed after its IPO next year.’
    • ‘You or I could go on a one-day sushi course and doubtless produce something at the end of it, but our amateurism would show.’
    undoubtedly, indubitably, doubtlessly, no doubt, without doubt, without a doubt, beyond doubt, beyond a doubt, beyond the shadow of a doubt
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    1. 1.1 Used to refer to a desirable outcome as though it were certain.
      ‘doubtless you'll solve the problem’
      • ‘He doubtless heard from his wife how tired she was feeling.’
      • ‘It was Reilly's first goal for Newry since his January move and he will doubtless struggle to score a better one.’
      • ‘Of course doubtless everything has been put in a big burning bin by the BBC.’
      • ‘You will doubtless have read of the recent return to his best.’
      • ‘It's an expression of excitement which his predecessors doubtless shared, but rarely expressed quite so fully.’
      • ‘The success of the first single from the album Crazy Love will doubtless be followed by more top ten hits from the pioneering west Londoner.’
      • ‘Each of these factors doubtless contributes to our prodigious ability to learn.’
      • ‘At 37, he is in the twilight of his senior career, but will doubtless know enough to hold his corner tomorrow.’
      • ‘It is certainly possible, and Bertie Ahern will doubtless be working hard to achieve both.’
      • ‘Well, he decided, it would doubtless be a good thing for her if she kept passing.’
      • ‘It's likely to be a close one and doubtless both sides will be fancying their respective chances.’
      • ‘The future comes wrapped with many possibilities, and she will doubtless go on to be many things to many people.’
      • ‘The first of what will doubtless be many must-reads at the Corner are here and here.’
      • ‘They were doubtless labouring under the illusion that I'm a nice guy.’
      • ‘And doubtless emergency medical workers are also likely to be getting up to speed in this area.’
      in all likelihood, in all probability, as likely as not, very likely, most likely, likely, as like as not, ten to one, the chances are, no doubt, all things considered, taking all things into consideration, all things being equal, possibly, perhaps, maybe, it may be, presumably, on the face of it, apparently
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