Definition of double time in US English:

double time


  • 1A rate of pay equal to double the standard rate, sometimes paid for working on holidays or outside normal working hours.

    • ‘Saturdays paid time and a half, Sundays double time.’
    • ‘While the daily rate rose from $12.56 to $13 an hour, a flat weekend rate of $15 replaced the previous system of time and a half for the first two hours and double time thereafter.’
    • ‘The four hours in excess of 38 hours per week in the clause shall be paid at double time.’
    • ‘If that were done, employers who wanted their professional and managerial workers to put in more than forty hours a week would have to pay time and a half for overtime and double time for weekends.’
    • ‘Already their workers, in effect, get double time for work on a public holiday, because they get a day off in lieu.’
    • ‘Many other people who work with the elderly and vulnerable would lose enhancements, such as double time payments for work on a bank holiday.’
    • ‘They have taken away the holiday overtime average, double time overtime and things like that.’
    • ‘Overtime was due to be cut in stages over the next two years, from double time on bank holidays to time-and-a-half.’
    • ‘He told the Gazette: ‘The union is seeking double time for night working, days off in lieu and all public holidays off.’’
    • ‘Though it wasn't compulsory, everyone got a paid three-week holiday or bank holiday double time and days in lieu.’
    • ‘In return for double time and a day off in lieu, we expect firefighters to work normally on public holidays.’
    • ‘In addition, eligible employees who do work on the holiday are paid time-and-a-half for the first 11 hours and double time after 11 hours.’
    • ‘Anyone who works these holidays must give up the payments of double time and time and a half.’
    • ‘He told the Evening Press that after talks with officials he had ‘reason to suspect’ they intend to withdraw premium payments such as double time from weekend workers.’
    • ‘At the moment, nurses receive a 25% shift allowance in respect of actual nights worked, an added €10 for working Saturdays and double time on a Sunday.’
    • ‘According to Unison, the council is proposing to cut time-and-a-half and double time payments for weekends and bank holidays to a £6.12 per hour flat rate.’
    • ‘Instead of the Sunday premium of triple pay, some regular Sunday workers will receive time-and-a-half payment with others receiving double time.’
    • ‘But even double time wages were not enough to entice many workers to put themselves at risk, given the inadequacies of the resources that remained.’
    • ‘Gary is busy until next February but should make his big money on crowd control at the summer's big outdoor events where he can charge double time.’
    • ‘The temping coordinator informed me, with a meaningless smile, that while the rate is normally double time for weekend overtime, in this instance they had come to a special agreement that overtime would be paid at time and a half.’
  • 2Military
    A regulation running pace.

    • ‘The patrol, at any given time, would pick up a double time for a short duration and, at times, change the logical direction of its movement to prevent being targeted or trailed.’
    • ‘In the hours after the first quake in January, they marched in double time through devastated streets of Las Colinas, a neighborhood of Santa Tecla, carrying shovels across their chests like rifles.’
  • 3Music
    A rhythm that is twice as fast as an earlier one.

    • ‘The song ‘Stay,’ for example, has a great drum buildup to the finale with a slow, wailing horn solo and double time guitar and bass parts propelling it along.’
    • ‘The sound and music remains faithful to the MK tradition, and has retained the double time music for the final lap to add tension.’
    • ‘In the middle of the track, however, the drum beat goes into double time and races the track to a very satisfying conclusion.’


double time

/ˈˌdəbəl ˈˌtaɪm//ˈˌdəbəl ˈˌtīm/