Definition of double or nothing in English:

double or nothing


  • A gamble to decide whether a loss or debt should be doubled or canceled.

    • ‘The next morning she flipped a coin, double or nothing for her taxi fare money.’
    • ‘The real battle lines are going to be whether folks are ready to give up their SUVs NOW, or whether they want to roll double or nothing on even more extreme impacts in the future.’
    • ‘He may even decide to play double or quits - and launch his own takeover bid for another media company.’
    • ‘So I lost, then I did it again, and again, and every time it was double or nothing.’
    • ‘‘But I'll offer you double or quits this week when we play the Traders XI,’ Rod said.’
    • ‘J Fraser wants double or quits on the second-half restart, for goodness sake.’
    • ‘What was it, I ask the Minister - double or quits?’
    • ‘Or swap routes on the way back and race for double or nothing.’
    • ‘‘Bet you double or nothing,’ he told Fitz, rubbing his hands together eagerly.’
    • ‘Clooney returned it, offering her double or quits by his 50th.’